Nail the photo-ready red carpet look.

As you all guessed, today’s beauty look is about painting your nails with the gorgeous, red-carpet inspired red nail varnishes plus here, I have used the 404 Scarlett Vamp from L’Oreal Paris, which is one of my all-time favourite colour and brand in the beauty section department.

10jun151Apparently, bringing a pop of colour to whole costume ensemble is any fashion loving woman’s ultimate desire and subsequently to achieve this, make an attempt to throw some hues on your eyes with eyeshadow/eyeliner or lips with lipstick/lip gloss or cheeks with blusher/bronzer or nails with colourful nail lacquers so that you could show some melodramatic effect that can speak more about your knowledge on the inner style inspiration of fashion and beauty .


Be stylish:

Red nails can bring instant glam look and can able to talk more drama about fashion, style, trend, beauty, signature-look, statement-staple and many more to every woman who wears it. So, try to add this ultimate and everlasting snazzy look to your nails for any sort of important occasions or business meetings or dinner parties or launch parties or friends hangout and make yourself to project as a trendy uber-chic fashionista to this entire world.



The good old process of preparing nails albeit with a bit of attention to detail is an ideal way of getting the best manicured red nails. So, bring the stylish look as it does the same on the catwalk runway while you are strolling on the beachside walk or taking a dip on the swimming pool or lounging in the chair around the poolside-shaded area while laying under the humongous umbrella. Hence, now, we get into the process of how to define it.


  1. Firstly, prepare the nails by taking off the previous nail enamels with nail polish remover and then followed by washing and cleaning your nails.
  2. Then, dab with towel and take out the excess water and moisturise the nails completely.
  3. Then, apply base coat to your nails and after that, followed by two coats of red nail varnishes.
  4. Finally, apply the topcoat.
  5. Make sure to dry your nails in each of the application of nail coats.
  6. Lastly, finish off the manicure by removing excess spillage from around the corners for neat tidy up and then, you are ready to show off your model-like mimicked nails.


When to apply:

This is the time of the year where the winter blues are gone and the sunshine has started to welcome the sunny warm weather and so, be the first to get ready to embrace this happiness to your body and too, to your beauty routine and make your fingers and toes to pop up with lovely red colours for this Summer.


I hope you all try to bring this never-ending stylish rouge to your slender looking thin nails for this summer.


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