Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels – Breathtaking Majorca – Part 3.

This Balearic Island, Majorca boasts humongous numbers of cafes, restaurants and hotels to eat, sleep and relax during your holiday period over there; plus, the cafes and restaurants in Majorca offers wide variety of cuisine and food that ranges from luxury to pocket-friendly which can easily fulfil every customer needs.



Even though, Majorca possesses large selection of cafes yet here, I am showing you two of the best among them.

Garito Cafe:

This is a classic-styled cafe that comes along with bar and club facilities too.

Cafe C’an Moixet:

If you are a coffee lover like me, then this is an ideal hangout spot where it offers freshly brewed morning coffee along with pastries at a much affordable price than others in that area. Additionally, the tapas served here are so deliciously good. But, albeit it is located in a prime site, still it consistently continues to deliver quality food at jaw dropping prices and so for me, its definite must.



Though, there are so many restaurants to name for yet my choice should be one that is down below.

Simply Fosh:

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Majorca and it’s name “Fosh” is basically derived from it’s British chef Marc Fosh, who creates high-class mediterranean dishes to the starving customers and it also acclaims a highly appreciated Michelin star award last year for its tremendous quality of food service to the hungry customers. Furthermore, this restaurant also runs well-decorated Braseria named “Misa” that serves local cuisine and also holds supplementary bar facilities too.



Jumeirah Port Soller:

Jumeirah Port Soller is a five-star hotel that is spreaded across the clifftop location with spectacular sea views right in front of the hotel; plus, it also has a delightful spa atmosphere where you could go and relax yourself with 100% reassurance of perfect peace of mind. Furthermore, this hotel also has open top swimming pool with perfect sea looking waterfront, which is absolutely a true delight to watch. Plus, if you are looking for some time out in the evening, then don’t forget to stop over by the adjoining bar facility that comes along with the hotel. All-in-all, this hotel fits perfectly for couples as well as family with kids too.

Hotel Cap Rocat:

This refurbished former military fortress offers plenty of sea stunning views to customers and also situated in a perfect landscape where you feel like steping into an area of relaxed setting that is right in front of the sea bay. Also, this hotel features loads of other treasures to explore including luxury suites, finger-licking cuisine, beauty treatments, massage section and first class swimming pool to keep everyone occupied and relaxed in their spare time.

So, that comes to end of part 3 and hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday.


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