Things to do – Breathtaking Majorca – Part 2

If you are a historical lover other than sun, sand, beach and sea then, Majorca is the right place that can offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities for tourists and they can also easily explore the island effortlessly, by which the island itself explicitly exhibits true form of cultural ambience in the form of their stupendous architectural skills and furthermore, even though there are lots of historic buildings and iconic structures to be visited for yet here, I have compiled a small handful portfolio which encapsulates a fool-proof evidence that can showcase their architectural intelligence.


La Seo:

No one should miss this center stage of prominent and elegant gothic-styled cathedral during their visit to Majorca plus, the cathedral is also popularly known as La Seo, whose interiors has been renovated by Antoni Gaudi in the years between 1904-1914 lately. Besides this, the cathedral also boasts eight chapels along with an additional impressive feature of well-installed gothic rose windows, which is considered as one of the largest of its kind in the world, and also the cathedral is defined as a timeless classic to be admired for.

Arab Baths:

Arab Baths makes a quintessential place that can fit ideally to anyone’s afternoon strolling session and moreover, the humongous structure is basically is divided into three components: the central square floor that is enclosed by sky-lited, domed structures, which is on the other end connected to a barrel-vaulted lateral corridor, by a series of twelve columns and then the latter is positioned perfectly well by an array of long-stretched orange and lemon lined trees that faultlessly take you through the floral bloomed garden with well-designed ground patterns and water features that reflects the whole building exemplarily gorgeous, whereas the adjoining part of the garden is well surrounded by the famous cathedral and other iconic buildings that are nearby to give a plentiful satisfaction for hungry-learning globetrotters.

Blue water ocean with hidden caves.

Most-cited Museums:

Not only cathedral, Majorca also holds a tremendous number of museums that is plentiful to fulfil any visitor’s needs and here are some of them to be noted for: the cathedral museum, Es Baluard or contemporary art museum, the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation, the Juan March Foundation and Ses Voltes.

Other must-watch attractions:

Explore and finish off your lovely day by watching the Palma city hall, Vivot Palaces and last but not least, the Grand Hotel, which is the Island’s first modern building in Majorca that dates back 1903 and it is also considered as Majorcan hotel forerunners.

That’s the end of part two. Have a wonderful Monday!


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