My over-night nourishing nail food.

Nowadays, being in-line with trend is an ultimate desire for any women’s beauty bible that demonstrates from head-to-toe fashion in style and doing manicure management is one among them. Besides, these days, from celebrities to street stylers and from young teens to women – all are lining up in queue in front of the overbooked nail salons to the way of attaining the ultimate dream of their nails and that’s why, I am here to give you a few nail saviour tips albeit in a natural way to make your life even much simpler.

coconut oil

As we all know, women decorate their nails in different nail colours in different nail art designs according to seasonal trends and the only unchanged thing among them is how do you manage to get a healthy glowing nails everyday and also in a natural way? Yes, girls! It’s a much affordable option that every teen/women can give it a go. So, let me get started.

Nail Food Essentials:

  • Pure coconut oil
  • Few ear buds
  • Cotton pads
  • Cotton hand gloves

Simple process:

  1. Start the procedure with well cleaned and washed natural nails just before to bed in the night-time.
  2. Take the coconut oil and apply it onto your fingers and reach the corners with the help of ear buds.
  3. Massage gently in small circular motions with your fingers.
  4. With the cotton bud, dab the excess oil.
  5. Wear the cotton hand gloves.
  6. Leave to soak the nails and cuticle with coconut oil overnight.
  7. Take off the gloves and clean with fresh tap water.
  8. Dry your fingers with hand towel.
  9. Finish off the routine by adding moisturiser to your nails.
  10. Now, your nails glisten and gleam as like as shiny baby nails.

Hope you all try this simple method and make your nails to give thumps up for the best job done.

Have a Manicure Monday.


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