Breathtaking Majorca – Part 1

Last week, this time, I was relaxing on a lovely seaside resort on the tropical paradise of Majorca, the largest island in Balearics and today, I want to share with you all about Majorca through this blog. As the whole world knows words are not enough to describe about Majorca – the deep blue sea, breathtaking views, crystal clear water, white soft-sandy beaches and the cool marina with beautiful promenade – Oh!, the beauty is endless and the sight watching is an utter pleasure to die for.


As I stayed in Majorca for quite a while lately, at this moment, I am trying to cover up the whole journey in a few part of series to give you an actual exposure which was already running through your imagination before; plus, this is also going to be the first part among the whole series. Furthermore, adjoining this post on the “Travel” category is totally like icing on the cake for me.


Moreover, people come to Majorca for various reasons including either as beach-comber or history explorer or foodie and in all means, they get the best out of everything. Besides, even though there are so many ways to traverse through this island in infinite ways but for me, touring through the sea was my top priority and these picture gives us the fool-proof evidence of the right choice decision.


Subsequently, this picture is taken from the area Porto Pollensa, where there are so many activities to keep you occupied and entertained all through out the year plus, this neighbourhood also offers plenty of cafes and restaurants for trespass food-yearning customers and on top of it, you could also take a glimpse on the fantastic, panoramic view of the sea as well as the spectacular long-distant mountains while strolling through the ever popular, glam-filled and long-stretched pine walks and I strictly reckon anyone not to miss this field of vision as it offers die-hard scenic beauty.



Additionally, the stupendous marine life under the mirror-reflected, deep blue sea is a must-watch for all group types while time passing on the boat ride plus, over in Majorca, most of the boats boasts glass-bottomed basement where each and every voyager can acquire the delightful glance of nature-driven, ocean’s miraculous beauty.


Here comes the end of first part and I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.


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