Summer aroma getaway.

I am one of those perfume addicts, who wants to try out every brand that are stacked up out there on the beauty aisles and seriously, I am literally obsessed with it.

To mark on to the scale factor above, during my holiday to Majorca lately, I made a debut attempt to try this LOVE SPELL fragrance mist from Victoria Secret, which I think is a quintessential swap for a perfume during summer months where the weather is hotter than ever and apparently, there is no need to go for a heavier perfumes like in winter time, where you will in a desperate state to cope up with the harsh climatic conditions.


The way you use it:

This fragrance mist guided me like a best friend throughout the holiday either while sunbathing on the lounge chair or in the phase of having a dip in the swimming pool or while taking picture of my manicure or in the interval period of sun tan on the beach side or in the duration of boat ride to watch the glass alike blue water marina or in the span of city stroll or in the time of bus ride – whatever it may be – I totally loved this companion. Another important thing is, as the name says, this fragrance mist did spread aroma around plentiful and interestingly, this fragrance mist made myself presentable and well-groomed while beating around the tricky height of temperature, which was surfing around 27 degrees.

Key elements:

Simultaneously, this fragrance gives a real scent of summer floral right in front of your door and it feels light and refreshing as a duo scent of cherry floral and peach fruit providing abundance of summer ambience; plus, the formula is also infused with the conditioning feature from aloe vera and cooling factor from chamomile too.

Hence, all-in-all, it is a total triumphant.


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