Sweep the brush like a Pro.


From beauty pros to amateur learner, every woman always desire to have the best beauty sculpting brushes in their makeup bag and the million dollar question is, which one to choose? and how to master the art of skills and techniques for varied brush range that are typically designed for each and individual purposes?

So, here comes the solution. Just say, you may choose a different foundation or eyeshadow or lipstick for different makeup styles but ultimately, at the end of the day, you would be ended up in using the same makeup brushes everyday and hence, choosing the right brush for the right purpose is the key for successful makeup, which assists you to reach the top position of the makeup ladder right from a layperson to pro. Apparently, there are also a ginormous selection of branded brushes available including Real Techniques, Zoeva, Model’s own, Mac, Chanel, etc with diverse price range in your local Boots or Superdrug or any other drugstores. And, therefore, without wasting time, let’s get into the day-to-day routine of beauty basics.

Technical terms commonly used:

  • applying
  • contouring
  • blending
  • smudging
  • dusting
  • dabbing
  • sweeping
  • shading

Foundation brush:


The first and foremost of all, is the foundation brush and it a must-have essential for everyday makeup routine. This chunky, velvety brush which is dense in the middle and fluffy at the ends is ideal for foundation application because, the dense fibres can undoubtedly able to hold the foundation cream effectively and fluffy part plays a great role in the circular  movement while spreading the cream evenly and in this way, it also justifies the motive of “less cream yet more coverage“. At this time, a well-covered even base is ready for further up-do.

Tapered brush:

Therefore, the next domain to look for is, how to conceal the area of blemishes, moles, flaws, imperfections and redness around the unreachable corners? Hence, here comes the real necessity of the one and only – tapered brush, which can amazingly handle and rectifies all the flaws in a blink of an eye. But how? With the tippy-toey pointed end, the tapered brush impressively grabs a tiny blob of concealer to do the work on reaching the unattainable area of either under the eyes or around the nose and the middle-bulge part of the brush is great for making firm impressions on the skin, which succeeds to even out the concealer in a wholesome way.

Powder brush or as a highlighter:

This is similar to the foundation brush but yet smaller in size and also acts the role of dual purpose. Yes, you could get brilliant results when you use it either for dabbing and dusting the powder around the face or to serve as a highlighter on top of the cheek bones to give a sun-kissed glow to your skin. Plus, sometimes, I use this brush for contouring too and the fluffy part of the brush gives a perfect bronzer dusting, which aids to sculpt my cheekbones precisely to 100%.

Fan blush brush:

As we all know, nowadays, the fan brush is mostly accompanied by all new cream or powder-based blushing products, which is also plentiful for giving a sweeping blusher movements around the cheek bones perfectly.

Shading brush: 

13may155Eyewear is the heart and soul of any makeup routine and without the shading brush, there is no place for eyeshadow at all and thus, the shading brush is one among the essentials. Apparently, this brush can catch and grasp the eyeshadow steadily onto the brush, which also dabs the eye product efficiently bit by bit to give an enhanced chic, even-out look in the final.

Blending brush:

For me, this is a magic brush since it makes wonders around the eyes, which also beautifully define the eyes to give a gorgeous look. Therefore, this all-rounder brush can either be used as a blending tool for eyeshadow or for shaping the outer corner of the eye or to work around the crease area with colours.

Angled brush:


This multi-purpose brush is fantastic for applying brow powder on your brows or to apply wax to define and set and enhance the brow or to give a smoky look on the lower lash line or to smudge the eyeliner on the upper lash line to give a pencil-lined look – in all ways, it is certainly a unique brush.

Spoolie brush:

This brush is always coupled along with angled brush to work around the eyebrows together because the former serves to comb the eyebrows to give a natural look and the latter to sculpt the eyebrows.

Comb & brush:


Last but not least, this brush is perfect for brow grooming. It is quintessential for applying powder-based brows on your brows and also ideal for combing the mascara filled lashes on the eyes.


Have fun all!


Bring Drama To Your Lashes.


Here comes the essential beauty staple of every women’s accessories wardrobe. And, yes, this magic beauty icon can literally wake up anyone and I mean, even a sleepy head too. Hence, let me start with the item first then, because, I am voraciously in love with this new cosmetic genius, L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara.


So, what is special in this mascara?

By incorporating the innovative 2-step system, L’Oreal has made a brilliant job in acquiring the top slot in the mascara section. Absolutely amazing! As you know, from the name itself, it’s obvious that the whole methodology is basically categorised into 2 sections – the one for primer (as the same concept of start of with primer first before makeup, but instead its eyes here) and the other for topcoat, which aids to finish off the signature-styled mascara magnificently.


  • Step 1: Using primer, master the striking strokes with the help of corset-shaped brush to give a total coverage along the full length of lash line from roots to the end by the formula. Plus, additionally, if you want more volume then, you can build more.
  • Step 2: Using the top coat lifting brush, spread the black pigmented formula evenly to conceal the primer completely to give a lengthened, full-lash, star-studded, superstar look.

Here comes the complete look of the eye after using mascara and yet without using eyelash curler. Apparently, you could also visibly see the positive results of lengthening and uplifting the lashes to fuller length appropriately. Gorgeous!


And, finally, I am absolutely adoring this mascara right now and sincerely, I made up my mind to use this product for snazzy, stylish parties to come and I hope you would also try this product too just like me.

Always, I keep an eye on you.

Who doesn’t want a perfect shaped eyebrows? Answer: All women do. It is not just Kim Kardashian, who is known for her perfect eyebrows or Cara Delevigne, who is a fame for having thick eyebrows but, me too, want to play a vital role in the perfect looking brow game.

Things need to look for while purchasing:

If you are not using any powder-based eyebrow shape & sculpting tool, then three essential factors to be noted-down for are:

  1. brow pencil – to define the brow.
  2. wax – to set the brow
  3. brow brush – sweep over the brow to give a natural look

So, I thought this would be the quintessential moment to share along with you about my new recent discovery – L’Oreal Paris brow artist shaper pencil. This product is pocket-friendly yet also gives brilliant results and that’s why I always have love affair with L’Oreal products (as the name says, they are worth it).


Having so many good reviews and comments regarding this product while surfing on the web, gave me a total boost of confidence to grab this item from Boots lately and if you ask, I would say, I’m very much happy about the purchase and I really love it.


How to get perfect eyebrows:

  • Remember to start the process with the perfectly tweezed or threaded or waxed eyebrows.
  • For best results, define and shape the eyebrows using the pencil and here, I choose shade – dark brunette because it matches perfect with my black brows.
  • Then, use the wax part to uplift the look to next level.
  • Finally, I finished off by stroking the brush on the brows to give a natural look

Tips: I always prefer to carry sharpener on my beauty bag while on move so I could do prep up whenever I want.

To avoid patchy look, tilt the pencil to the side for having a better control on it which in turn, helps to define the eyebrows evenly.



The creamy pigments on the pencil makes an artistic-styled statement eyebrows and having wax additionally makes the whole process fuss-free yet in an effective way. Moreover, the bristles on the brush is firm and soft which also, aids to achieve soft, painless strokes of brush movements on the brows.


Have a good day!

An Access Pass to Dubai’s Skyline View.


Among many globetrotter, the bustling city, Dubai is widely well-celebrated as one of the popular tourist destinations in the Middle-Eastern region and because of its humongous fame, millions and millions of travellers visit this place yearly to watch the magnificent view of city’s skyline. And also, several visitors adores this fame city for so many other reasons including holidays, shopping, seasonal sports events, annual Dubai shopping festival, trading, business trips, fabulous multi-cuisine food, entertainment and water sports.


Furthermore, you also make sure to leave plenty of time to stroll around the city to fulfil your latest obsessions for photos and selfies while standing behind the tremendous amount of tall towers as your background set. Besides, even in case of any miss, still the chance of bombarding into any of the skyline structures always remains high since there is no shortage for skyscrapers in this city. So, by summing up altogether, I would say, in my point of view, there is no other place in the world you can see like this and it is the one of the best views to die for.


Even though, Dubai is famous for Burj Khalifa and Al-Arab Burj, the cheapest option to explore the city would be journey on the road and it is also the fantastic way to explore the unrivalled passion for skyscrapers as their tall structures are well-known for their phenomenal level of labour intensive engineering works.


Hope you could also enjoy this skyline view on your next trip to Dubai!

The cream that cares for my skin.


If you have stepped into Boots or Superdrug or any other drugstore’s beauty aisles lately, then the probability of glancing-through a ginormous collections of skin-coloured creams piled all over your eye-catching locale would be 100% definite.



Moreover, on your regular routine of beauty regime, you would have crossed and tried zillions of creams including foundation cream, BB cream, CC cream, etc but instead, my current-pocket-friendly, favourite staple cream for this summer is – Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream. Also, with added feature of Nivea’s philosophy of using the nature-inspired ingredients, I am sure, I can’t go wrong with this cream which ticks lots of boxes and that is why, I really adore this product satisfactorily.


The purpose served:

  • The three must-observed ingredients to look for are: vitamins – helps the formula swept evenly on the skin surface, which apparently combines in well with the skin and inevitably, provides an illuminated looking complexion throughout, light-reflecting pigments – this pigment along with the colour pigments gives a double boost to the formula, which eventually subtly conceals the appearance of imperfections and leaving  a sheer-looking, lightweight finish to your skin and last but not least, Hydra IQ – this rehydrating vital ingredient, not only supports your natural moisturisation to penetrate through the water channels but also, aids to promote the moisture flow between skin cells.
  • This cream, which is a perfect alternative to foundation, always leaves your skin tender-loving, non-greasy and soft every time you use.
  • With incorporated rehydrating ingredients, this cream gives an instant moisturisation, which is plentiful for your daily skin needs and invariably, it keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t let it go dry.
  • Having SPF 15 factor accompanied along with this cream, it succour to protect the skin against the pollution-filled environment.



How to apply:

Open the flipping-top of the tube and squeeze a tiny blob of cream and then, apply cream on cleaned face by giving a small, stroking circular movements on the face and then, finishing it by a gentle massage to the end.


Finally, I am certain, you would also give it a go.

Wear these Bedazzled Earrings this Summer.

And, here comes the chandelier-inspired earrings that can dangle in your ears elegantly fuss-free plus, if you are not fond of gemstones but want a little bit of subtly matte-effect gold detail, then certainly, this can fit your wardrobe perfectly. Also, the sweeping, dangling feature that rhythms with the breezy tones of the wind gives a flawless thumps up too.


Style statement:

While talking about style a simply cut, knee-length, black sleeveless dress along with this conversation-starting jewellery (a pair of geometrically cut out, floral patterned, gold earrings with hook hold at the back from Forever 21, the well-known American brand – as shown in the picture above) and a pair of black stilettos can make an absolute match-perfect holiday statement look. Albeit, not had enough of it or want to go for more bold look, then you could go for by adding more accessories including hand cuffs, rings and hair jewellery.



Finally, I am sure that these earrings will be worn out by me for many more holidays to come on this summer…

All that glitters are diamonds.

It’s the time of the year, where the star-studded Hollywood people make their sparkling entry to the famous Red Carpet of Cannes International Film Festival, which is to be held between 13-24 of this month, May.

Being the official partner of the film festival, the world’s notable brand Chopard, the Swiss luxury jewellery & watchmaker, as always, is all geared up with their famous red carpet collections during the 11-day period of the film festival. Not only in the jewellery section, but also in the award part, Chopard always welcomes and supports the Hollywood Industry by giving two famous trophies including Palme d’Or – award for the best film of the International film festival and Trophee Chopard – award for the young talented actor annually. Also, with bag full of surprise, this year, Marion Cotillard, the oscar-winning French superstar & actress is designing her own range of collection for Chopard incorporating the ethically sourced gemstones plus, her designs will also be exhibited during the Cannes International film festival.

5may151Additionally, the another brand to be noted for during the Cannes International Film Festival is De Grisogono, the Geneva-based jeweller & watchmaker, who has recently launched their new Love Vivi collection while celebrating 15th anniversary of their iconic watch collection INSTRUMENTO, during the international watch and jewellery event, the Baselworld 2015 in March this year in Basel .


Albeit, the Cannes International Film festival is popular among the Hollywood community, there is no doubt, the overwhelming celebrity crowd will also be really looking forward to the high-end jewellery display on the most awesome seafront venue in the gorgeous Hotel Martinez, which will be open from May 13 onwards, in which is chronologically in-line with the International film festival event.

I hope just like me, you are also waiting for this special occasion to happen soon to hear all the latest award-winning news!

Highlights of Chanel’s Cruise Collection Show in Seoul.


In spite of clash from the MetGala event, the glorious fashion event from the Chanel Cruise collection show in Seoul didn’t stop but instead went on with full speed by gaining unbelievable momentum from the wonderful fashion crowd over there. As always, the finale statement walk from Karl Lagerfeld along with Korean model Soo Joo Park and Hudson Kroenig made the whole event super special. Also, the event was starred by big names from the Hollywood including Kristen Stewart (wearing partly sheer, stunning black dress with beautifully styled hair up do), Tilda Swinton and Isabelle Huppert. Plus, the world’s best supermodel icon, Gisele Bundchen (dressed up with simple black top and embroided black cigar trousers).

While when coming back to the K-pop stars, the well-known Korean rapper G-Dragon and the singer, songwriter and dancer, Taeyang also attended the fashion event along with the famous Korean actresses, Park Shin-hye and Go Ah-sung. Plus, Yoona from the Girl’s Generation and  “CL” from the 2NE1 also appeared on the event. Then, there comes the singer and actor, Siwon , who also made a picture perfect moment with the other beloved Korean stars.

Most talked-about in the event:

  • hair – models walked through the catwalk on the runways wearing traditional Korean wigs as either crowned on the head or as a bun on the side, and also, to highlight the wig even more, the models were styled with pulled down pony tail at the back of the head.
  • hand accessories – cuff-styled, chunky, jewelled, gold or white metal bracelets were worn as a perfect accessorizing statements along with their costumes.

That’s a short note about the event and I hope you enjoy reading this post!

Bring back the Dangling Festivity.

ear1At the moment, fashion has taken a new trend twist, a step further ahead in the field of accessories and myself, being a long-time lover of fashion accessories, I should say, my half-length shoulder drop earrings are not in exception. As, I am not the only one who is truly, deeply, madly in love with these gorgeous jewels but also, even big players in the fashion industry like Givenchy, Chanel, Celine are some of the well-established notable brands who have experimented really well with these gorgeous adornments in their catwalk runways.


Moreover, being spotted on by these awesome earrings on my last visit to Dubai, I totally got hooked up at the first sight with the fine-in craftsmanship of exquisite sculptural statement detail. Indeed, not to mention, with its unparalleled and unmatchable self appeal, I am certain, it can effortlessly grab anyone’s attention instantly.


Uniqueness is the key:

With the inspirational design concept and three-tired pattern combination(first part – started off by the round gold stud with metal back press and then, the second part – geometrical, bowl-shaped, flower-patterned, gold surround detail and last but not least, the third part – elongated form of inverted conical gold structure with slitted detail at the back and half-silvery sparkling glittery detail to the side  – all three tiers are connected well with the gold hooped chains), no wonder, the design itself is a total winner.


Highlighting Part:

Being considered shoulder drop earrings as a must-have festive attire for this season, I can’t deny that these pair of dangling, glittery earrings are going to be my definite seasonal wear-out. Apparently, while talking about the sparkling, silvery, glittery stuff that’s hovering around the sides of the lower-end of the earring, it always gives me the unforgettable reminiscence of moonlight like white-light display on the hotspot location of World’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. And, also, whenever I see these dazzling danglers, I always hold my breadth for a while to make myself accustomed to live in those unforgettable memorable moments that I spent in Dubai.


Styling with comfort:

Mark my words – one should not come to a conclusion that a pair of earrings are just an accessorizing feature, but instead, if you think in designer’s point of view, you would know that it literally presents you so many luxe details including: bringing a pop of colour, projecting your elegance to next level, showing off your in-born style characteristics and lastly, a complete flattering ensemble too.

Additionally, no one can deny the fact that these paired jewels can go along brilliantly either with a bandeau dress or could be blended well with the better-known combo of off-shoulder tops and shorts to push yourself to festive vibe, in which, at the moment sounds wonderful that it could bring a perfect harmony with the colourful rhythms of this year’s festivity.


Finally, I hope you could also choose the best dangling earrings just like me for this season to make your own mark on the trend set that would give lots of attention and compliments from your dearest ones.

Seoul: Modern Asian Fashion Hub.

“Seoul is the place where old tradition and state-of-art technologies coexist in perfect harmony” – Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president.

If you are not tired and not got enough of even after watching an array of prominent fashion shows including New York, London, Paris and Milan that silhouetted the AW2015 collections, then, here comes the glimpse of much-awaited fashion itinerary to the rescue. Fashion is not a new term in the South Korean’s capital’s fashion dictionary. Previously, Seoul was considered as a home to K-Pop culture and Gangnam district and now, a set of new fashion wave is stepping its feet into the cool capital city. Yes, you heard it right.

Tomorrow, 4th of May at 7pm Seoul time, the French fashion icon, Chanel is going to exhibit their 2015/16 Cruise Collections in architecturally excellent venue, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (popularly referred as DDP), which in turn gives us a perfect evidence for the new era of fashion superpower. Moreover, there is no doubt, the venue is going to be flooded with fashion people, buyers, sellers, celebrities, street stylers, fashion editors and bloggers.

photo credit: flickr.com

Facts about Dongdaemun Design Plaza:

  • acts a centre piece of South Korean fashion hub and also a popular tourist destination
  • started building works since 2009 and officially got completed & inaugurated and came into use since March 2014
  • the structure is well designed by the two outstanding architectural firms such as Zaha Hadid architects, an Iraqi British architect and Korean studio of Samoo architects & engineers
  • got inspiration from the “neofuturistic” design theme, it displays a strong, sturdy, strengths of curvy forms of elongated structures
  • upholds a spacious floor area of 85,000 square meters
  • it also hosts plenty of accommodation for seminar rooms, lecture halls, multi-purpose convention halls and a number of exhibition halls with an additional feature of in-held information centre
  • well connected with all kinds of transport links including subways and train stations

South Korean Fashion Economy:

  1. Ranked as the third biggest market in Asia after Japan and China.
  2. Recently, a new shopping boom has captivated with millions of fashion followers from China flooding into the fashion capital, which gives a new rising heights to the country’s tourism industry.
  3. One can’t deny the popularity of designer labels in this country and the top favourite designer labels that are easily noticeable includes Moschino, Adidas, YSL and Jimmy Choo.
  4. The projection of luxury goods sales of South Korea reached a record blowing figure of £5.6bn in 2014.
  5. Also, South Korea is grandly treated as one of the trillion-dollar club of world economies.

Other highlights:

  1. In Seoul, technology is at its peak rather than ever now and the out-spoken sky-high internet connection serves all the technical attributes and services with an unbelievable nationwide coverage up to 99%.
  2. With tremendous achievement in 4G network before, it’s trying to make its footsteps in the field of enhanced 5G network now.
  3. Being predominance in youth culture, South Korea is walking towards the world of technologically oriented paperless classrooms in their schools.
  4. As beauty regime got self-obsessed in their roots, there is no wonder, they give so much importance and significance in trying to make them look perfect.
  5. Not only in beauty and fashion, South Korea has other diversified obsessions such as pop culture, technology, food and entertainment.