Matching eyeshadow for a darling sky blue dress for this Spring.

Be brave enough to talk through the iconic 1960’s tales through the application of flashing blue eyeshadow that effortlessly fits successfully with any form of blue outfits and hence don’t be afraid to try it out.

Lately, Rita Ora hit the final night in Cannes with her blue party-themed look by wrapping a baby blue dress, blue footwear along with the matching flashy blue eyeshadow. So, if Rita Ora can do it, we can do it too.


Having this as a mindset, this time, I got hooked up with this Ombre Hypnose eyeshadow from Lancome. Apparently, this gorgeous blue shade is super easy to blend as it has intense pigmentation factor in it and you can also build the colour incredibly well too to have an even out coverage around the eyes.

So, have fun playing around with this shade in your eyes for this Spring season.


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