Time to show off party-inspired smokey eyes.

Makeup to impress has always been all about showing off your complexion, eyes and lips but when you look in-depth, yet there are still a whole load of stuff you need to get learned about and one of that kind is, how to master to get smokey eyes? The inspiration to reach to this answer is from none-other-than Cara Delevingne, who is a real admiration for getting perfect smokey eyes.

Cara Delevingne:

Recently, among many star-studded celebrities from the Cannes International Film Festival, the 22-year old, British supermodel/Actress, Cara Delevingne hit the red carpet at the bash of “Divine in Cannes” de Grisogono dinner party adorned with layered necklace of diamonds, emeralds and rubies along with a matching ring and looked incredibly stunning with a gorgeous angelic white draped dress along with messy seaside beach waves, silver sandals and last but not least, her signature beauty look, smokey eyes. Her eye makeup was absolutely flawless and she looked ravishingly beautiful with dark smokey eyes that complimented her skin tone unbelievably brilliant.

So, here, I made a debut attempt to get this look and hence, let’s get started.

Products that I used:

  • tea biscuit shade eyeshadow from Estee Lauder
  • immortal charcoal gel creme eyeshadow from Maybelline New York color tattoo 24 hr
  • L’oreal black eye pencil
  • L’oreal flash lash superstar mascara
  • Bourjois duo bronzing and illuminator powder
  • blending brush

How to achieve smokey eye look:

Having got the inspiration from the above, I have recreated the look of achieving a charcoal hued smokey eyes.

1. Firstly, kicked off with a fresh clean face and applied primer to it to give a long-lasting control of eyeshadow onto my eyes.


2. Now, I applied tea biscuit shade(like champagne colour) eyeshadow from Estee Lauder to give a glittering base to the eye makeup.


3. Then, dabbed in gently with the shiny shade of immortal charcoal (gel creme eyeshadow) from Maybelline New York onto the eyelids to get covered by it completely and blended it uniformly throughout to give an even out wash of colour.


4. After that, I splashed in the charcoal eyeshadow to the lower lash line and applied a thin layer of L’oreal black eye pencil just under the lower lash line and smudged it nicely with the blending brush to give a darker note.


5. Then, subsequently, I applied the L’oreal black eye pencil on the upper lash line and blended it vigorously through out using the same blending brush to achieve a darker look.


6. Besides, having covered up the upper lash line, I brought the blending brush concentrating towards the outer corner and blended it gradually to get a nice, dark smokey effect.


7. Now, I swept through tons of L’oreal false lash superstar mascara onto the lashes to give a dramatic look.


8. Finally, I highlighted the socket of the eye and the brow bone area using the highlighter from the Bourjois Duo bronzer and illuminator powder to give an enhanced definition to the look.


9. Now, the look is completely ready to show off.

I hope you would also experiment this party makeup at your side too.


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