My travel-handy eye palette.

Nothing can beat the real excitement of warm arrival of hot summer days and especially, when the radiantly glowing, bright sunshine literally falls onto the natural-looking face, which also uplifts the skin tone multifold while strolling around the beach side is certainly a true delight to watch.

Further considering the above fact, this time I have picked up this gorgeous-looking, neutral palette from Maybelline New York and far as colour is concerned, it’s quintessentially pretty and dynamic. Plus, I also feel that Maybelline New York is doing  wonders in the making of wide range of eye products than those of much more expensive brands and surely, this eye shadow is one such example.


Eyeshadow Palette Detail:

Firstly, the eye palette is brilliantly extraordinary and besides, rather a special one as it’s been specifically designed to capture the true essence of neutral tones through a modern reinterpretation of Maybelline New York’s timeless beauty codes. In addition, this ravishing-looking eye palette contains different shades of brown hues that are geometrically separated by arched black lines and dazzlingly treasured in a transparent-fronted, see-through black box, which is even much appealing enough to tempt someone with less degree of beauty know-how.

Application Process:25may152

This travel-friendly, easy-to-use product is ideal for everyday use and with its versatile, in-held applicator as a blending tool, this creamy-powder texture is great for any laid down days and we all know, our fingers are more enough to smudge around the eyelids otherwise. So, now let us get into some action.

  1. Start off the process with primer as the base around the eyes to give a longevity feature for the eyeshadow to stay on longer.
  2. Then, smooth off the dominant base colour(champagne shade) around the perimeter of the eyelids.
  3. Next, blend in the medium shade of brown in little circular movements to give a definition around the crease area.
  4. After that, splash the darkest tint concentrating on the outer corner of the eye to give an amped up enhancement to the eyes.
  5. Subsequently, brighten up the inner corner of the eye with the silvery shimmery shade to give an instant spruced up uplift to the eyes.
  6. Later, coat the vanilla-shaded, ivory colour onto the brow bone as a highlighter for giving a maximum impact to the eye.

Afterwards, deciding that eyeshadow are as good as it should be, finish off other things by using eye pencil on the lower lash line and a slick of black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line along with tons of mascara on the lashes. Last but not least, shape the brows either by pencil or powder palette and the job is done.


To summarise it all, I didn’t have any problem on neither how I should apply the palette nor needed an online help since its that easy peasy. So, for me, it’s a great everyday beauty essential that is a must for every women’s wardrobe.


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