Here prevails the off-shoulder situation.

“The only place you never gain weight is on your shoulders. It doesn’t get wrinkly, it doesn’t get fat. I love shoulders.” – Donna Karan.

Want to have a glam look and feel confident for this summer? Then, here comes the situation of showing ample dosage of shoulder for any kind of warm, sunny days. And it’s not just me, even famous celebrities including Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Sam Faiers, who are also loving this trend set of ultra-chic, summer wardrobe.


These days, the off-shoulder tops and dresses are selling out faster than ever in retail shop counters and its also making a mark on life-changing trend set profile in true fashionista’s life. Of course, why not? The flirt, feminine look can be easily hooked up by anyone with fashion mind. Hence, as being experimenting with summer must-haves styles of various cuts and designs, this eye-catching, off-shoulder detail impressed me so much than any other type. That’s why, having booked for a holiday next week, I can’t hold myself in trying out this gorgeous tops on a sandy beach to chill out with the radiantly glowing, warm weather.


Features of NewLook’s off-shoulder top:

  • printed woven fabric
  • off-shoulder neckline design
  • elasticated stretchy hemlines to the shoulders
  • double layer design
  • pleated and floating top layer
  • sleeveless detail
  • printed with summer shades of orange, blue, white and black



Starting off with the flattering, light-weight fabric – I love the contrasting colours printed on to a feather-soft woven fabric, which immediately spruces up an instant pop of colour yet also, resembles the existence of warm, summery feel to it. Plus, the elasticated, stretchy off-shoulder factor makes the top ideal for a figure-hugging fitting that sits comfortably in place, which apparently brings out the real essence of femininity by showing off a subtle flash of skin around the shoulders. In addition, the pleated and floating top layer supplements even more for an added bit of flavour to pattern detail, which also aids in giving a complimentary flirt look. Furthermore, the versatile sleeveless arm characteristic also attributes in a great way to have a free form of air flow around the arms during the period of hot summer months.


Style file:

  1. Go for a 1950’s snazzy look by opting an off-shoulder top with high-waisted skirt.
  2. Show your best edgy daytime look by partnering an off-shoulder top with a pair of perfectly fitted jeans.
  3. A stylish look is achieved by tucking in an off-shoulder top with pretty, black skirt.
  4. Nail this season’s gorgeous style trend by teaming an off-shoulder top with light-coloured (preferably white), skinny jeans and white sandals.
  5. For a tough look, style the off-shoulder top along with denim shorts, chunky wedges and spiked tribal necklace.
  6. Have it a go for a balanced silhouette by coupling an off-shoulder top along with figure-flattering, full length skirt.


And, finally, the shrewd way to ease off this warm-weather is by dressing up with an off-shoulder top and I hope you all agree with me.


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