A perfect colour for short nails.

These days, I am having a true indulgence of manicure moment at home, where I can do myself fuss-free in a more relaxing yet convenient way without spending much of time, energy and home rather than hassling around the nail salons.


Ever since I saw the stunning green shades glittering around the nails on the models and moreover, having seen their inspirational catwalk runway from Spring Fashion Week show, I made up my mind to definitely make it a go for this Spring time and that’s why, I opted for Maybelline New York Color Show by Colorama “POW GREEN”.


So, Why I chose green nail lacquer:

As we all know, green is the new blue for this season and myself, wholeheartedly, I want to embrace this fact of modern beauty and was determined to be brave enough to show off myself to the day-to-day updates of beauty mantra and that’s the reason, I picked this gorgeous pastel olive-green nail lacquer from Maybelline New York and thankfully, I should say, I am absolutely glad to have selected the right colour.


Advantage of green nail shade:

  • green nail shades are great and it is an exceptional welcome-gift for either short nails or after cut-nails since the green shade makes your nails look longer visually
  • green nail shades compliments your skin tone brilliantly which, makes your skin tone looks more tanner than usual, which is also, of course, another summery echo
  • the pleasing effects of coolness and softness from the green nail shade makes you feel very refreshing
  • the green nail shade acts as a breaking barrier from the harsh-weathered winter blues and makes you to enjoy in the present state of gloriously brightened sunny days

Nail Application:

  1. Start your manicure with the base coat on your perfectly prepared (buffed and cleaned) nails.
  2. Since the consistency of the formula is transparent, apply three coats to give a nice, glossy texture and not to forget to dry off the nails at equal intervals.
  3. No need for top coat because the gel-effect featured in the formula leaves your nails unbelievably shiny and it also saves you from doing one more chore.
  4. Finally, finish off the manicure routine by clearing out any excess nail polish or spills around the sides of the nails by a nail polisher remover dipped earbud.
  5. Last but not least, dry the nails completely and be ready to show off.

Have a wonderful Manicure Monday!


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