As cool as the shade.


In here, the weather is absolutely delightful with the warm sunny rays radiantly glowing and finally, I could sense, Summer is on its way. So, whenever you talk about sunshine, the first thing comes to anyone’s mind is the official beginning of the much-needed warm, sunny beach days. Perhaps, I know that whoever going on a beach holiday, the first thing comes to their mind is, packing up some summer clothes, stocking up on sunscreen, to check on the regional UV forecast and last but not least, the very essential sun-protection checklist. Plus, since the temperature is on the rise, the first and foremost criteria to be noted for is all about sun protection and surprisingly, if we can cover up in style, why not do it wholeheartedly? That’s where the super-sun-saver, wide-brim beach hat comes to play a great part in giving a seriously enviable beach wear inspiration to your Spring/Summer look. Moreover, sometimes, sophistication and luxury doesn’t come along with a high price tag and this hat is, one of those.


So, why to choose wide-brim hats?

Even though, there are so many flattering shady hats including cow-boy hat and big, floppy sun hat available in the high street, the wide-brim beach hat serves a major role  in protecting your skin from the vulnerable UV rays from the sun, which I consider as a mandatory thing to be taken care of when you are on the hot, sandy beach side and also, with a surprise, it compliments your outfit brilliantly. Furthermore, there is no doubt that it certainly going to give so-much mileage to your wardrobe throughout the whole summer since there are no shortage of sunny days. And, therefore, let’s see all about the focal point of it.

  • the wide brim of the hat safeguards as a shield from the blistering rays from the sun
  • the top of the hat fits on to your head perfectly and always leaves you with a good hair day against from the windy sea breeze
  • it serves as the best hide spot and also, helps you to relive on the enchanting summery moments again
  • it keeps you shaded throughout the day and makes the entire breezy, beach summer days as functional and at the same time, fashionable too


Characteristic features:

  1. This white wide-brim beach hat has taken the classical inspiration of woven-styled stripes which runs throughout the hat stunningly and the complimentary, sparkling sequins, which is sewn and the embellished onto the hat gives a touch of glam and elegance to it and also, it looks like silver glitters are sprinkled everywhere as if wintry snow fallen from the sky.
  2. The hat starts off with the elegant-looking, dome-shaped fore-screen top and this head-hugging structure makes the hat ideal to sit onto the head perfectly.
  3. The adjoining midsection to the base is punctuated with a white string rope, which has a bow-tie detail to the end and also, the feathering out strands from the bow gives a dazzling and stylish effect to the hat.
  4. The most-adorning, wide-brim base gives an uneven, flattering effect to the sides of the hat and this solid-floating feature plays very well with the matching tunes of the sea breeze.
  5. Overall, this pretty and neutral-coloured white hat fits perfectly to the current style-trend of cool, boho style-theme.


How to wear:

  1. This really pretty shaded hat along with cat-eyed sunglasses can be worn along with neutral-coloured to all-white matching costume to give a fun and playful look.
  2. This hat looks appropriately uber-chic when it is accompanied along with a long maxi dress and undoubtedly, this pattern takes centre stage to give a more polished look.
  3. A modern and snazzy look is unbelievably achieved when this hat is coupled along with a knee-length denim dress.
  4. A super cool look is attained when this hat is partnered along with a crop top and lacy tap shorts.
  5. A long white skirt and midriff-showing, tied-up cotton shirt combined along with this hat makes a wonderful fashionable combo of modernity.


Have a fun day Friday!


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