Sweep the brush like a Pro.


From beauty pros to amateur learner, every woman always desire to have the best beauty sculpting brushes in their makeup bag and the million dollar question is, which one to choose? and how to master the art of skills and techniques for varied brush range that are typically designed for each and individual purposes?

So, here comes the solution. Just say, you may choose a different foundation or eyeshadow or lipstick for different makeup styles but ultimately, at the end of the day, you would be ended up in using the same makeup brushes everyday and hence, choosing the right brush for the right purpose is the key for successful makeup, which assists you to reach the top position of the makeup ladder right from a layperson to pro. Apparently, there are also a ginormous selection of branded brushes available including Real Techniques, Zoeva, Model’s own, Mac, Chanel, etc with diverse price range in your local Boots or Superdrug or any other drugstores. And, therefore, without wasting time, let’s get into the day-to-day routine of beauty basics.

Technical terms commonly used:

  • applying
  • contouring
  • blending
  • smudging
  • dusting
  • dabbing
  • sweeping
  • shading

Foundation brush:


The first and foremost of all, is the foundation brush and it a must-have essential for everyday makeup routine. This chunky, velvety brush which is dense in the middle and fluffy at the ends is ideal for foundation application because, the dense fibres can undoubtedly able to hold the foundation cream effectively and fluffy part plays a great role in the circular  movement while spreading the cream evenly and in this way, it also justifies the motive of “less cream yet more coverage“. At this time, a well-covered even base is ready for further up-do.

Tapered brush:

Therefore, the next domain to look for is, how to conceal the area of blemishes, moles, flaws, imperfections and redness around the unreachable corners? Hence, here comes the real necessity of the one and only – tapered brush, which can amazingly handle and rectifies all the flaws in a blink of an eye. But how? With the tippy-toey pointed end, the tapered brush impressively grabs a tiny blob of concealer to do the work on reaching the unattainable area of either under the eyes or around the nose and the middle-bulge part of the brush is great for making firm impressions on the skin, which succeeds to even out the concealer in a wholesome way.

Powder brush or as a highlighter:

This is similar to the foundation brush but yet smaller in size and also acts the role of dual purpose. Yes, you could get brilliant results when you use it either for dabbing and dusting the powder around the face or to serve as a highlighter on top of the cheek bones to give a sun-kissed glow to your skin. Plus, sometimes, I use this brush for contouring too and the fluffy part of the brush gives a perfect bronzer dusting, which aids to sculpt my cheekbones precisely to 100%.

Fan blush brush:

As we all know, nowadays, the fan brush is mostly accompanied by all new cream or powder-based blushing products, which is also plentiful for giving a sweeping blusher movements around the cheek bones perfectly.

Shading brush: 

13may155Eyewear is the heart and soul of any makeup routine and without the shading brush, there is no place for eyeshadow at all and thus, the shading brush is one among the essentials. Apparently, this brush can catch and grasp the eyeshadow steadily onto the brush, which also dabs the eye product efficiently bit by bit to give an enhanced chic, even-out look in the final.

Blending brush:

For me, this is a magic brush since it makes wonders around the eyes, which also beautifully define the eyes to give a gorgeous look. Therefore, this all-rounder brush can either be used as a blending tool for eyeshadow or for shaping the outer corner of the eye or to work around the crease area with colours.

Angled brush:


This multi-purpose brush is fantastic for applying brow powder on your brows or to apply wax to define and set and enhance the brow or to give a smoky look on the lower lash line or to smudge the eyeliner on the upper lash line to give a pencil-lined look – in all ways, it is certainly a unique brush.

Spoolie brush:

This brush is always coupled along with angled brush to work around the eyebrows together because the former serves to comb the eyebrows to give a natural look and the latter to sculpt the eyebrows.

Comb & brush:


Last but not least, this brush is perfect for brow grooming. It is quintessential for applying powder-based brows on your brows and also ideal for combing the mascara filled lashes on the eyes.


Have fun all!


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