Bring Drama To Your Lashes.


Here comes the essential beauty staple of every women’s accessories wardrobe. And, yes, this magic beauty icon can literally wake up anyone and I mean, even a sleepy head too. Hence, let me start with the item first then, because, I am voraciously in love with this new cosmetic genius, L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara.


So, what is special in this mascara?

By incorporating the innovative 2-step system, L’Oreal has made a brilliant job in acquiring the top slot in the mascara section. Absolutely amazing! As you know, from the name itself, it’s obvious that the whole methodology is basically categorised into 2 sections – the one for primer (as the same concept of start of with primer first before makeup, but instead its eyes here) and the other for topcoat, which aids to finish off the signature-styled mascara magnificently.


  • Step 1: Using primer, master the striking strokes with the help of corset-shaped brush to give a total coverage along the full length of lash line from roots to the end by the formula. Plus, additionally, if you want more volume then, you can build more.
  • Step 2: Using the top coat lifting brush, spread the black pigmented formula evenly to conceal the primer completely to give a lengthened, full-lash, star-studded, superstar look.

Here comes the complete look of the eye after using mascara and yet without using eyelash curler. Apparently, you could also visibly see the positive results of lengthening and uplifting the lashes to fuller length appropriately. Gorgeous!


And, finally, I am absolutely adoring this mascara right now and sincerely, I made up my mind to use this product for snazzy, stylish parties to come and I hope you would also try this product too just like me.


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