Always, I keep an eye on you.

Who doesn’t want a perfect shaped eyebrows? Answer: All women do. It is not just Kim Kardashian, who is known for her perfect eyebrows or Cara Delevigne, who is a fame for having thick eyebrows but, me too, want to play a vital role in the perfect looking brow game.

Things need to look for while purchasing:

If you are not using any powder-based eyebrow shape & sculpting tool, then three essential factors to be noted-down for are:

  1. brow pencil – to define the brow.
  2. wax – to set the brow
  3. brow brush – sweep over the brow to give a natural look

So, I thought this would be the quintessential moment to share along with you about my new recent discovery – L’Oreal Paris brow artist shaper pencil. This product is pocket-friendly yet also gives brilliant results and that’s why I always have love affair with L’Oreal products (as the name says, they are worth it).


Having so many good reviews and comments regarding this product while surfing on the web, gave me a total boost of confidence to grab this item from Boots lately and if you ask, I would say, I’m very much happy about the purchase and I really love it.


How to get perfect eyebrows:

  • Remember to start the process with the perfectly tweezed or threaded or waxed eyebrows.
  • For best results, define and shape the eyebrows using the pencil and here, I choose shade – dark brunette because it matches perfect with my black brows.
  • Then, use the wax part to uplift the look to next level.
  • Finally, I finished off by stroking the brush on the brows to give a natural look

Tips: I always prefer to carry sharpener on my beauty bag while on move so I could do prep up whenever I want.

To avoid patchy look, tilt the pencil to the side for having a better control on it which in turn, helps to define the eyebrows evenly.



The creamy pigments on the pencil makes an artistic-styled statement eyebrows and having wax additionally makes the whole process fuss-free yet in an effective way. Moreover, the bristles on the brush is firm and soft which also, aids to achieve soft, painless strokes of brush movements on the brows.


Have a good day!


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