Bring back the Dangling Festivity.

ear1At the moment, fashion has taken a new trend twist, a step further ahead in the field of accessories and myself, being a long-time lover of fashion accessories, I should say, my half-length shoulder drop earrings are not in exception. As, I am not the only one who is truly, deeply, madly in love with these gorgeous jewels but also, even big players in the fashion industry like Givenchy, Chanel, Celine are some of the well-established notable brands who have experimented really well with these gorgeous adornments in their catwalk runways.


Moreover, being spotted on by these awesome earrings on my last visit to Dubai, I totally got hooked up at the first sight with the fine-in craftsmanship of exquisite sculptural statement detail. Indeed, not to mention, with its unparalleled and unmatchable self appeal, I am certain, it can effortlessly grab anyone’s attention instantly.


Uniqueness is the key:

With the inspirational design concept and three-tired pattern combination(first part – started off by the round gold stud with metal back press and then, the second part – geometrical, bowl-shaped, flower-patterned, gold surround detail and last but not least, the third part – elongated form of inverted conical gold structure with slitted detail at the back and half-silvery sparkling glittery detail to the side  – all three tiers are connected well with the gold hooped chains), no wonder, the design itself is a total winner.


Highlighting Part:

Being considered shoulder drop earrings as a must-have festive attire for this season, I can’t deny that these pair of dangling, glittery earrings are going to be my definite seasonal wear-out. Apparently, while talking about the sparkling, silvery, glittery stuff that’s hovering around the sides of the lower-end of the earring, it always gives me the unforgettable reminiscence of moonlight like white-light display on the hotspot location of World’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. And, also, whenever I see these dazzling danglers, I always hold my breadth for a while to make myself accustomed to live in those unforgettable memorable moments that I spent in Dubai.


Styling with comfort:

Mark my words – one should not come to a conclusion that a pair of earrings are just an accessorizing feature, but instead, if you think in designer’s point of view, you would know that it literally presents you so many luxe details including: bringing a pop of colour, projecting your elegance to next level, showing off your in-born style characteristics and lastly, a complete flattering ensemble too.

Additionally, no one can deny the fact that these paired jewels can go along brilliantly either with a bandeau dress or could be blended well with the better-known combo of off-shoulder tops and shorts to push yourself to festive vibe, in which, at the moment sounds wonderful that it could bring a perfect harmony with the colourful rhythms of this year’s festivity.


Finally, I hope you could also choose the best dangling earrings just like me for this season to make your own mark on the trend set that would give lots of attention and compliments from your dearest ones.


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