Seoul: Modern Asian Fashion Hub.

“Seoul is the place where old tradition and state-of-art technologies coexist in perfect harmony” – Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s president.

If you are not tired and not got enough of even after watching an array of prominent fashion shows including New York, London, Paris and Milan that silhouetted the AW2015 collections, then, here comes the glimpse of much-awaited fashion itinerary to the rescue. Fashion is not a new term in the South Korean’s capital’s fashion dictionary. Previously, Seoul was considered as a home to K-Pop culture and Gangnam district and now, a set of new fashion wave is stepping its feet into the cool capital city. Yes, you heard it right.

Tomorrow, 4th of May at 7pm Seoul time, the French fashion icon, Chanel is going to exhibit their 2015/16 Cruise Collections in architecturally excellent venue, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (popularly referred as DDP), which in turn gives us a perfect evidence for the new era of fashion superpower. Moreover, there is no doubt, the venue is going to be flooded with fashion people, buyers, sellers, celebrities, street stylers, fashion editors and bloggers.

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Facts about Dongdaemun Design Plaza:

  • acts a centre piece of South Korean fashion hub and also a popular tourist destination
  • started building works since 2009 and officially got completed & inaugurated and came into use since March 2014
  • the structure is well designed by the two outstanding architectural firms such as Zaha Hadid architects, an Iraqi British architect and Korean studio of Samoo architects & engineers
  • got inspiration from the “neofuturistic” design theme, it displays a strong, sturdy, strengths of curvy forms of elongated structures
  • upholds a spacious floor area of 85,000 square meters
  • it also hosts plenty of accommodation for seminar rooms, lecture halls, multi-purpose convention halls and a number of exhibition halls with an additional feature of in-held information centre
  • well connected with all kinds of transport links including subways and train stations

South Korean Fashion Economy:

  1. Ranked as the third biggest market in Asia after Japan and China.
  2. Recently, a new shopping boom has captivated with millions of fashion followers from China flooding into the fashion capital, which gives a new rising heights to the country’s tourism industry.
  3. One can’t deny the popularity of designer labels in this country and the top favourite designer labels that are easily noticeable includes Moschino, Adidas, YSL and Jimmy Choo.
  4. The projection of luxury goods sales of South Korea reached a record blowing figure of £5.6bn in 2014.
  5. Also, South Korea is grandly treated as one of the trillion-dollar club of world economies.

Other highlights:

  1. In Seoul, technology is at its peak rather than ever now and the out-spoken sky-high internet connection serves all the technical attributes and services with an unbelievable nationwide coverage up to 99%.
  2. With tremendous achievement in 4G network before, it’s trying to make its footsteps in the field of enhanced 5G network now.
  3. Being predominance in youth culture, South Korea is walking towards the world of technologically oriented paperless classrooms in their schools.
  4. As beauty regime got self-obsessed in their roots, there is no wonder, they give so much importance and significance in trying to make them look perfect.
  5. Not only in beauty and fashion, South Korea has other diversified obsessions such as pop culture, technology, food and entertainment.

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