Beauty: I can’t take my eyes off.


Every women loves for a natural looking healthy skin yet I am not in exception. Being April, the beginning of the financial year, as a busy month for me, my eyes were in a state of complete overhauling. Also, by sitting in front of the computer for more than eight hours a day, just like others, it is obvious to get puffy looking tired eyes and so, my eyes were really striving for a thirst-quenching nutritional ingredient to give a total revamp to get the relief-sigh from the tired looking eyes. But, even though, on top of drinking pints of water, eating loads of greens and having lots of protein in my diet, but still, I was looking for an eye product which can give a new life to my eyes that are pocket-friendly.


In need of choosing the right product, I was literally hunting for a while with a bit of added effort in finding out the true necessity and usage of the product, I was in a great desperation of choosing the best out of all the various eye products that are available in the high-street. Besides, when I was scrolling through the internet, I could able to see some wonderful reviews and comments for this glorious product, Simple revitalising eye roll-on, which I really got hooked up instantly and I made up my mind to try out immediately.  So, let’s see in detail about this product now.


Facts about the brand “Simple”:

  • over 50 years of expertise in skin care solutions for even sensitive skin
  • sourcing purest available ingredients in their products
  • nourishing their products with added value of multi-vitamin goodness
  • using the best skin-loving nutrients to make the skin feel gentle yet in an effective way


Look of the eye roll-on:

The eye roll-on tube packaging itself is so gorgeous with eye-refreshing hues of green and white and the end of the tube is connected with a metal-grip roller ball, which gives an awesome cool round movements to use below the eyes with perfection. Plus, the tube is filled with the natural goodness of transparent and nutrient-rich liquid and, if you want a bit of more liquid, you just need to squeeze the tube a bit more to bring the liquid wholesomeness to pop-out from the tube. It’s that easy to use.


Packed with wholesomeness:

  • holds two vital vitamins including pro-vit B5 and pro-vit B3, which helps in restoring the softer looking smooth skin
  • contains three main ingredients: cucumber extracts (rich source of anti-oxidant with in-held natural cooling properties) – aids in refreshing and revitalising the skin, Glycerin – acts as a nourishing food and gives plenty of hydration to the skin and lastly, Lupin extract – reduces the puffiness around the eyes
  • shows a total proof of no added perfumes or colour or any other harsh chemicals


Simple to use:

As the name says, it is very much simple to use and it is perfect for any kind of skin types and also, with a special inclusion for sensitive skin.

  1. Apply eye roll-on in light and small circular massaging movements.
  2. Be aware to avoid contact with eyes.
  3. You could also dab gently the remaining excess liquid with your fingertips wherever you want.

Happy Friday!


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