Spring Flower Inspired Glittering Necklace.

Spring means flowers and I totally adore these in-season inspired, flower-patterned, glittering blue necklace. As always, blue colour brings freshness, brightness, coolness, modernness and flattering effect to the whole scenario and it does the same in this necklace.


Moreover, the blue colour on the necklace reminds me of the nature’s beauty of bluebells, Penhaligon’s bluebell eau de toilette, breezy blue beach huts, bright blue stripes on the Breton top, dark indigo denim jeans, blue-tiled Jardin Majorelle (Marrakesh,Morocco), blue flower beddings in the garden and the gorgeous upholstered soft blue sofas in the living room. Oh my! Absolutely amazing!


Plus, these sapphire-stone-inspired blue oval gems are hand-crafted to perfection to give the most electrifying, dazzling and glittering effect to the necklace saying – “look at me!”. Also, the blue coloured chords have been used brilliantly to showcase the beautiful flower pattern and brings a unique look to the necklace.

Keep enjoying!!!


Rich Saffron Rice Pudding with Home-made Mixed Berry Jam.

Rice pudding – childhood inspired dessert or old-school styled dessert, what ever you call it? but no one can deny that it is one of those comfortable foods that makes an instant wake up of your taste buds and brings a smile on your face.


Recently, many London famous restaurants were trying to bring back the classic-version of rice pudding on their menu in their own style. Even though, rice pudding is considered as old styled dessert item, still many restaurants are trying their best to bring twists and spins in making and presenting in a perfect way to attract more customers. However, let me introduce my version of saffron rice pudding and I want to bring back a new life to the creamy, gooey and tenderness of the pudding.


Essential Needs:

For the Saffron Rice Pudding:

  • rice pudding rice – 1/2 cup
  • water – 1 cup
  • milk -1/2 cup
  • salt – a pinch
  • sugar – 1/2 cup
  • cream – 2 tsp
  • saffron – 10 strands
  • cardamom – 1 pod
  • pistachio – 2 chopped finely


  1. Mix rice and salt with water and milk in a pan and cook for 40 mins.
  2. Soak saffron in little bit of warm milk.
  3. Now, combine sugar, cream, saffron with cooked rice.
  4. Decorate with few strands of saffron and pistachio.


Essential Needs:

For the Mixed Berry Jam:

  • mixed berries – 200 g
  • sugar – 100 g
  • lemon juice – 2 tsp


  1. Blend berries with tiny bit of water in a blender and strain it through sieve to get a nice smooth consistency without any bits.
  2. Now, mix the blended berries, sugar and lemon juice in a pan and bring it to a boil.
  3. Cook thoroughly and when the mixture starts to thicken, check if the jam is done by making a line at the back of the spoon and if the line remains unchanged without flowing, then it means the jam is done.
  4. Now, it is ready to serve.



Now, serve the rich and creamy saffron rice pudding with the mixed berry jam and dive into the taste ocean of indulgence.

Finally, it is the tasting time because it smells amazingly delicious and looks so awesome!!!

Sunglasses: More is always better.

If you ask me: what is the coolest thing on earth? and I would say: sunglasses. With temperatures rising up more than 20’s these days, what kind of sunglasses are you looking for this season? With ginormous amounts of collections in the high-street, anyone would go confused in choosing the right one. So, let’s make your life easier in finding out the perfect choice.

To be honest, if you are looking for designers ones, don’t forget to try some of the big industry names including Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Celine, Victoria Beckham, Finlay & Co. and Ray Ban.  Also, not to miss spot-on trendy colour choices of black, brown, bright red, white and gold.   However, I always have a passion for patterns and I would be willing to reckon some of the best available animal prints in the market. Last but not least, finally, let’s move on to the different shapes – You name it, I’ll show it. My favourite shape styles are round, heart-shaped, cat-eyed, wing-shaped, hexagon-shaped and retro style.

These are some of my sunny goodies for this season:







A perfect summer dress to inspire.

With all the signs of Spring, bright sunshine, rising temperatures, warm and airy breeze, blooming flowers and clear blue sky, I set off to shopping spree experience to update my Spring wardrobe. This time, I opted for Westfield Stratford, Europe’s largest urban shopping centre to give myself a bit of window shopping experience and sincerely, I reckon, I spent money wisely. IMG_6160 Willingness for the new finds, I was determined to have a sneak peek on less than two weeks old shop, Lindex, Swedish high-street retailer, who made their debut flagship store in UK. With imagination of Scandinavian feel, I entered into the shop with inner excitation to look at the interiors first and then to the shopping side. As expected, the shop looked fabulous with each and every bit of interiors reflected Scandinavian style of light and airy mix with collections spread across much wider two-tiered space. In the clothing side, there was concepts of white, black and bright colours. Especially for warmer weathers, they have exclusive cute summer dresses, bespoken striped dress and trendy and gorgeous-looking jumpsuits. To be honest, there were huge range of tall clothing collections. Amazing! With ginormous collections of clothing for womenswear and kidswear, they also have beauty and accessories section to have a perfect shopping feel. No wonder, Lindex is one of the best Northern European fashion styles to watch out for this season because of their absolute winning performance in the retail section for their trendsetting styles. IMG_6163 So, what I got from Lindex then? Yes of course, I didn’t turn out empty-handed instead, I fell in love at first sight with an elegant, textured and dot-patterned, turquoise chiffon dress. To be honest, I would say, it is one of those everyday, fuss-free, light-weight yet sleek-looking and must-have summer dresses. Loving with its simplicity, the colour itself can create more drama on its own. Also, the dress has been brilliantly tailored and lined well with soft lining fabric to amp up an extra lightness to the dress. You could get this chiffon dress in-store or online by http://www.lindex.com/uk/women/holly-whyte/7243951/Chiffon-Dress/?styleId=66747929

IMG_6156 How to style:

Daytime: Style this gorgeous dress with a red belt to add a pop up of colour, a pair of cool, cat-eyed sunglasses and finally, lovely red ballerina pumps to your feet.

Evening-wear: Achieve an effortless look by combining white-stoned silver necklace and stone-embellished silver high heels along with this chiffon dress to make a perfect evening glam look. So, have loads of fun guys!!!

Dazzling and Dangling Earrings.

Coachella‘s festive fever is soaring up high with temperatures reaching sky in this Music and Arts festive season. I would say two eyes are not enough to see all the beauties of festivity on the desert landscapes of California. Plus, clothing and accessories marched in-style with fashion in various social media including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Trendsetter presented their show styles including colourful garland of flower crowns, beauty-tanned radiant skin, ear-to-shoulder dangling earrings, tattoos in wrists, arms and face, neutral-toned make-up, tiered dainty necklaces with tiny-tot pendants, geometrical-patterned bracelets, asymmetrical-featured hand cuffs, hued wrist bands, stacked chunky bangles, wired friendship bracelets, trendy watches, waist-line belts in different colours and sizes, white-themed shirts and shorts, all-time favourite black jumpsuits, fringed dangling kimonos, super cool sunnies and so on. Literally, I can’t take away myself from the ongoing incredible cultural acts. However, even among from all of the goddesses of accessories,  I want to discuss one of my festive favourites this season which is, ear-to-shoulder earrings.


These pair of gold-plated, black-stoned, diamond-shaped earrings are must-have festive favourites and their elegant-looking character turns out the whole outfit to enviable levels. These snazzy yet glittery dazzling danglers are ideal show-stoppers which can effortlessly bring complete look with perfection.


These gleaming pair of earrings can glisten along with off-shoulder white top, all-white ensembles to make your earrings stand out, sleek black jumpsuit with cool cat-eyed sunglasses and ultra-glam bandeau dress.

Hope you have loads of fun in this festive season!

Black and White Leaf Patterned Necklaces

Now, Spring is getting better than ever and, I would say, this is the best time to top up some of the best Spring accessories available in the latest fashion aisles in the market. And, to be honest, when I think of Spring, the first thing comes to my mind is, beginning of long sunny days and next is, greens and colours from plants, floral and leaves. By the way, who could not think of these God-driven nature’s beauty?  Mind blowing! And, this is how, here comes my version of Spring time statement necklaces: Black Vs White leaf necklaces and their leafy patterns always gives me 100% reassurance of Spring season.

Black Leaf Necklace:


This Spring is all about geometric patterns and these horticulture-inspired Brussel’s bought chunky black leaf necklace can easily make head turners and it beautifully adorns your neck stylishly fuss-free and brings an ultimate chic look to your total ensemble. Furthermore, these effortless yet affordable neck piece makes a completely emphasised staple fashion jewellery and the eye-catching trendy leaf pattern details gives a one-of-a-kind easy to wear look visually.

How to wear:

This ginormous black leaf necklace can be worn along with a gorgeous off-shoulder black maxi dress, snazzy-looking denim jacket and flat tanned sandals to give an ultra glam sense of feel.

White Leaf Necklace:


I am completely certain that this white leaf choker necklace is going to dance and sing rhythms on my neck for many more sunny days to come this Spring. Literally, I love it so much and what’s not to like in this trendy accessory? Let’s see in detail: Made out of three layers – first with small glittery white stones, second with large sparkly white stones and third with matte finished leaf-structured glossy stones. And, all these well-crafted delicate layers joined together with two dainty silver bands gives a first-class and unique top-notch look.

How to wear:

These shining momento can be worn on special occasions or evening parties along with twinkling shiny silver maxi dress and high-heel stilettos to give a high-five look.

So, keep rocking!!!

Glistening and Gleaming Accessories for this Spring.

SS15 jewellery trend is all about stacking up and layering sleek-looking jewelleries in hands, neck, fingers and knuckles with chic chokers, bright bracelets, chunky bangles, geometric cuffs, dainty rings and niche midi rings. Also, to amp up even more, why not amend some stones and beads to your jewels in various shapes, cuts and sizes to rev up the whole look to enviable levels.

3 different ways to wear bangles:

  • Bohemian Style: You could effortlessly bring Bohemian flavour to your whole ensemble by piling up some glittering bangles on your wrists.
  • Pop up some colours: Adorn some coloured bangles to your wrists to spice up more drama to your outfit.
  • Stacking and Layering: Decorate your wrists either by stacking up or layering bracelets and bangles to bring more enchanting beauty with true indulgence.

Jewelled Wrist Bangles:

On my recent visit to Dubai, I strolled around each and every corner of the market for best bargain buys. And, I should say, they have the most fantastic market with wide range of choice to suit everyone’s needs. So, I sincerely reckon you to make a visit to these markets for the best deals around there. To be honest, for me, there are some times when I don’t want to spend a fortune and splurge too much on something to empty my bank balance and that time, there comes the rescue – these vintage inspired easily wearable stoned bangles doesn’t cost the earth and it’s much affordable to buy. Plus, these ever-popular, timeless-classic, chunky stone bangles adorns my wrist beautifully to give a more sophisticated statement look in ease that fits perfect to my wallet. However, depending on the occasion, you could either stack up or wear alone to give an elegant, edgy look to add more glam to give a complete look. Additionally, the embellished stones on the bangles gives an extra-edgy and vibrant dramatic ambience that practically lifts up the whole setup to next level. Furthermore, to get an ultra-uber-stylish look, try wearing these amazing bangles with a long, full-length black maxi dress on a hot sunny day to give a perfect style-note.



Hair Accessories:

Trends on hair accessories have changed so much through the years and this time, 70’s trend has revisited in SS15 fashion week in full swing and all day-to-day, modern fashion designers have showcased their ultra-chic, trendsetting collections of hair accessories that’s ideal for giving non-stop style trends. On SS15 catwalk, models from various designers ran through the runways in gorgeous looking hair grippers, hair clips and pins and amongst all of them, Chanel had brilliantly executed their show with trendy hair slides in a cool, stylish way.

For instance, the hair gripper pictured below can instantly make a voguish-appeal by getting two strands of hair on both sides and clipping it firmly in the middle of the head for getting a more defined chic look.


So, I am certain that you would also experiment with the latest must-have hair accessories in style for this Spring/Summer.

Celebrate this Easter in full swing.

Easter extravaganza is around the corner and we all know, this Sunday, millions of people all around the world will be celebrating Easter in so many different ways. Yet, in my place, when I hear about Easter, the first thing comes to my mind is, spending quality time with my family and enjoy myself to the most.

Easter Dining:

This year, even though it is an early Easter, the celebrations are going on in full mode and I’m certain that the entire event will turn out as special as ever. For instance, the Easter extravaganza are already in full swing and the whole checklists are also done in advance.The lists: festive decorations, well-organised dining table, hand-painted Easter eggs of various sizes and colours, hand-written place cards, “ready-to-be-painted” eggs for small kids, beautiful-looking gold-lined china, gold-plated cutleries, fine rib-patterned glasses, plain white cups, flower-shaped tea-lights and elegantly decorated flowers – all checked. To be honest, I couldn’t hold myself and take off my drooling eyes away from the whole setup because it is such a delight to watch. Plus, now, the only thing I pray for, is to have a nice sunny daylight to lift up the whole thing to next level.

Easter Fun:

For a stunning, non-clumpsy party time, I pre-arranged the all-in-one fun package which includes decorating Easter baskets, distribution of Easter eggs and novelties to friends and family and the last but not least, my childhood-favourite Easter egg-hunt. Now, I am waiting for the perfect time to make it happen.


Celebration Time:

As like as every year, Yorkshire’s fame Betty’s are holding so many inspiring and creative ideas for this Easter and luckily, I pre-ordered my Easter eggs well before to make myself on the safe side so that I can stock up my kitchen wardrobe fuss-free. Truly speaking, their exceptional passion for craft and gorgeously presented Easter eggs are going to be a total winner for this Easter. All-in-all, I hope you all have a perfect family festive time just like me and have loads of fun this Easter.


Happy Easter to all!!!

Hand jewellery: Journey of talk-tale of glittery drama.

It’s true that magic is in your hands. Nothing can beat those eye-capturing ornamental beauties dangling around in your hands which in turn can explicitly shows off your real sense of personal taste and individuality in an effortless way. Plus, for a simple yet more fashionable style update, try to swap your luxurious statement hand jewelleries for a more affordable show stopping staples including bangles and rings.

At the moment, the ultimate trend is, wearing neutral-toned outfits and adding pop of colours with trend setting high-fashion accessories. So, what’s in store for? Let’s see.

Gold-Lined Bangles:

Big is always good. Not to mention, these ginormous, chunky, gold-lined wrist bangles makes a perfect man-made-match for any kind of Spring costumes including sling dress, swift dress, playsuit, jumpsuit and denim. Also, apparently, these stylish and unique-looking bangles can effortlessly able to captivate people’s attention and mindstream and makes it as an ideal centre-of-attraction staple piece.


Trendy Rings:

Can you able to celebrate engagement or wedding without a ring? Absolutely, No! And, that’s why, no one can deny that these trendy rings are always remain close to woman’s heart. Also, these thin, slender, ever-popular, all-year-round rings are a must-have wardrobe accessories for this season. With timeless-classic patterns, gorgeously crafted and beautifully designed details, no wonder that these rings can easily bring back a modern twist to your inner feminine essence. Last but not least, these show-stoppers can make an ideal novelty package to your trinket box additions.


Neon Glow Bangles:

To be honest, I always have passion for glow bangles because they are very playful and instantly, it brings a pop of colour to your whole ensemble. These childhood-favourite trendy assets are amazingly snazzy and super-stylish yet brings loads of glam and cheerful moments to the whole scenario.


Have fun!!!

Recollection of March’s favourite: Spring is in the air.

March – Start of Spring, season of blossoms, enthralling beauty of nature, beginning of greens, sweetness of breeze – finally arrived and I loved each and every part of it. So, what to look for this season? That’s the first question hits in everyone’s mind when the real invitation from the cool Spring arrives. The answer is, off course, Party time! Yeah! So many special occasions happened in March and the whole festivity was incredible and the best part was, the wonderful time spent with family.


International Woman’s Day (March 8 ’15):

On international woman’s day, the entire dining was transformed to captivating party scene – tables covered with white linen, juice served in tall translucent glasses, coffees presented in pure white gold-lined cups, canapés and daily little cupcakes distributed in silver trays and in the end – food served in white china plates with plentiful of cutleries. Once the guests took their seats, there was small talk with laughter between ladies and gentlemen and all of them enjoyed their food with great excitement.


Mother’s day March 15 ’15):

Nothing is more than children for a mother!

So many holidays comes and go yet, mother’s day is one of those special days where you make time out to express true love to your mother and make her feel how special she is. And, this year turned out very welcoming and completely homely. How can I forget those remarkable moments? Lovely fresh scented rose bouquet, gift of personalised charm necklace, mouth-watering Swiss chocolates, finger-licking food and last but not least, Yorkshire fame Betty’s celebration cake – the entire scenario was outstandingly memorable. Of all, nothing can surpass a warm hug from mother. Happy Mother’s day!!!


Hope you had the best moments of your life in March.

Keep rocking!!!