Beauty: Apple of my eye.

Considering eyes as the soul part of the face, no wonder, women gives so much importance in enhancing their eyes in different ways with various techniques. Hence, while talking about the eyes, one can’t deny and leave the fact of using eyeliner in every women’s day-to-day life to make things much easier yet in an effective way.

Meanwhile, even though, there are so many eyeliner products in various forms including kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and wax-based eyeliner available in the high-street, I was determined to try to experience these two new-era beauties: Loreal Super Liner Perfect Slim and Maybelline New york Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Apparently, with their in-built ink technology, these gorgeous goodies keep the hued pigments super saturated plus, the ultra-grip cap gives us the reassurance of ever-fresh formula every time you use, in which also replicates the long-lasting longevity of the product. Additionally, the 0.4mm fine tip brush serves us in defining the glorious role of making precise lines to give a complete snazzy look.



Various ways to use:

The brilliant use of hand control and the phenomenal use of in-built optimum control acts as a statement of double power to these eyeliner, which in turn helps to define a sleek, stylish, sweeping eye lines that can be achieved effortlessly with unmatchable excellence.

  • basic natural-look upper eye defining
  • lining all around the eyes
  • super-chic winged eyes
  • ultra-modern double winged eyes
  • sleek cat-eye flicks
  • the latest graphic eye lining





So, either if you are planning to use these eyeliner for parties or want to try it for everyday use, in both ways, I reckon, these two eyeliner do their job amazingly with 100% real satisfaction.


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