Holmenkollen – An Adventurous Paradise Calling.

Every traveller must definitely know that they should never leave home without their tickets, clothes, sunglasses, camera, luggage, hat, headphones, travel accessories, etc and so recently, I got all the things packed right in front of me and later, I headed to the airport terminal to take off to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Knowingly, Oslo being surround by Norwegian Fjords, a pretty cold place to survive, I was well prepared with my warm-hugging jackets in-hand with me throughout the trip but fortunately, with blessings from Sun God, the jackets came into a minimal use. However, well before my actual travel itinerary, I was scrolling through the internet to get some more information on the important things to be covered during my visit in Oslo.

With mighty goodness, things came in really handy after finding my hotel located quite close to the skiing spot, in the heart of Oslo, which saved a lot of my travel time, which in turn, I used for other sight-seeing purposes. With enticing clear blue skies spread all across, I proceeded to Holmenkollen with more positive and energetic vibe inside me.

28apr151_edited-1So, what to look for in Holmenkollen?

With one million visitors a year, Norway has so many features with all the boxes checked by giving us a wonderful and adventurous lifetime experience. Plus, with historic tradition of ski jumping dates back 1892, there is no wonder, this place is considered as the best known cities by visitors, tourists and globetrotter from all around the world.

  • The Ski Museum: Being the oldest ski museum globally, it beautifully portrays a skiing history of over 4000 years old prehistoric to present time and also, features a ginormous amount of archives and collections in the exhibition section.
  • The Ski Jump Tower: The highlight of this landmark is, it is open all year around, 365 days a year. Also, being newly rebuilt and opened in 2010, it is recognised as the world’s most modern ski jump and also, it is considered as the only steel ski jump in the entire world because of its built-in structure made out of 100 tons of steel, where in  the start house of the ski jump remains at an altitude of 60m above ground level. Apparently, this honourable site has been hosting world’s championships and winter olympics for years by now and also, one could go to top of the platform of the ski jump tower, the observation deck, to get an amazing 360 degree panoramic views of the whole Oslo city.
  • Ski simulator: Under the ski jump, there situated a technologically stimulated “eye-view” five minutes movie trailer, which replicates and creates a unique realistic experience, which was only used by pilots and astronauts before.
  • Northern Lights: Being located in the Scandinavian picturesque beauty, Norway is very popular for arctic-hit Northern lights and here, everyday, a film is telecasted to showcase the real lifetime experience of the hue-lit northern lights.
  • Freedom on snow: A special exhibition is exhibited here to give visitors more knowledge and details on the snowboarding and modern skiing activities.
  • Also, here exists an additional storytelling feature, which includes the adventurous expeditions of polar bears and the real exploration skills of Norwegian polar bears.
  • Souvenir shops and cafe: Having millions of tourists crowding all year around, there is no shortage of souvenir shops in this locality and they also hosts plenty of space for tourists in cafe to get them relaxed in their spare time.








For Sports lovers: 

To make your life even more adventurous and if you are a sporty kind of person, then, sky is the limit in here. This place is not only famous for skiing, it is also popular for other sports activities like abseiling and zip lining.

Abseiling: With ropes all tied and buckled up and harness held tightly on your body, you are ready for the “dreams come true” moment to explore the world of abseiling with fuss-free safe mode. This will take you adventurous route down from the ski jump tower at a height of about 60m free fall.

Zip line: As a clever sports person, one can take a ride on the zip line from the top of the ski jump to the bottom of the hill by covering a vast distance of 361m, as same route covered by the ski jumpers, to get a magnificent view of the whole area while you are zipping down the hill.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


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