White Gold Diamond Jewellery: My Best Friend Forever.

“Want to achieve a red-carpet look at your own pace?” or, “are you ready for a glam look?” or, “are you looking for a hands-on-experience with the diamond jewellery?” or, “are you searching for an eureka moment on diamond jewellery pieces?” or, “are you getting nervous on how to wear diamond jewellery?”

No problem, help is on the way and here is the direction to go for:


We all know, diamonds are girl’s best friends yet I am not in exception. I love diamonds and when it is combined with white gold, it gives a double power vibe, which in turn gives an impeccable form of elegance to the entire look and also, for me, white gold and diamonds are like two good lovable friends who just think the same and certainly,  reiterates the tale of luxe-look.


So, just like others, every year, I have so many special occasions to celebrate like anniversaries, birthdays, easter, christmas and many more. However, for this Valentine’s day, my better-half gave me this gorgeous and snazzy-looking diamond set as a Valentine gift, in which, that special day has instantly and remarkably changed the whole ambience to another level.


Coming back to the jewellery section, let’s see the in-house details of it. This statement piece is made out of 18ct white gold coupled with hand-crafted diamonds to give a luxe-look, plus, this staple jewellery is such a pleasure to wear and I believe, I would be having more wear-outs by wearing to parties, events and special occasions for the many more to come.


How to Wear:

Daytime: It is always a must to make the dressing as simple when accompanying with luxury jewels like diamonds as accessories because it is a must to make the jewels itself to talk more drama and also, it is a perfect moment to make the jewels to stand out. Hence, the luxurious look can be effortlessly achieved by wearing white or black dress with neutral make-up and a matching bag, and finally, adoring your ears and fingers with rings to complete the ultimate ultra-chic look.

Evening-wear: A full length glittery silver dress with sparkling and matching clutch and high-heeled stilettos along with these adorable diamond jewellery set would definitely creates more glam look for the total outfit ensemble and for sure, it would make head-turning enviable moments.


Different ways to wear 3-tiered diamond rings:

This 3-tiered diamond rings can be worn as tiered or as a single piece in three of the other fingers or just can be adored as a single piece out of the three for a simple-chic look. So, whatever way you try yet, it would certainly create a momentum of celebration festivity. That’s why, always look for the different options to try mix and match with these three beauties to make a mark on your finishing touches.



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