Dubai Duty Free: The Ultimate Real Shopping Experience.

Dubai duty-free is a shopping destination, where you get an ultimate real shopping experience and if you are a travel-addict just like me but with lack of time, then, no problem, still you could achieve what you want. Also, it is the perfect place to make use of your valuable transit-time in an effective way. Plus, the best thing here is, you have lots of options to drool your eyes to grab for the best deals.




21apr154Since it is called as a shopping paradise, the real concept featuring here is, whatever you want, ” you name it, they sell it”. However, the additional point here is, all the goods available here is of high quality and hence, blind-foldedly, you can buy things fuss-free with genuine trust from the traders.





So, what are the best possibilities you could look out for?

10 best things and must-buy goods from Dubai duty-free:

  • Camel Milk Chocolates – Having desert plain as their geological landscape, often camels have been used as one of their modes of transport whether if it’s for tourist’s virtual tour or for transporting goods from one place to another. Also, it’s been a tradition and culture followed by for more than centuries in that desert, sand-filled area. So, with ginormous numbers of camel population and well-abundance of camel milk, people use camel milk in their culinary cuisines and confectionery purposes. Hence, for me, camel milk chocolates are a must-buy product.
  • Souvenirs – With huge skyscrapers including Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa,the world’s tallest building, all over the Dubai city, they sell loads of wonderful skyscraper themed, elegant, gorgeous, gold-jewelled show-piece souvenirs, which is an absolute delight to see and if you are collectible person just like me, then, I would say, it is one of the best buys.
  • Spices – During my recent visit, I bought Saffron, the second most expensive kitchen ingredient next to Lobster, from the trader and whenever I open my kitchen cabinet, I could smell the real aroma of saffron from it. Oh my! You should not see it instead, you should feel and sense it. It’s such a pleasure. Coming back to shops, spices from all around the world and especially, from the arabic traders are all brought up here to sell with an excellent quality and value-for-money additionally. Also, I saw lots of transit-customers bought saffron, cinnamon and cardamom from the counters.
  • Gold – You could get the best quality gold with an amazing wide range of jewellery including 9ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct . Also, here, gold coins and designer brands including Versace and Bvlgari are fast movers too. If you looking for some snazzy-looking best buys, then you should certainly try the most famous freshwater pearls which can be bought easily with high quality from the asian jewellery counters. I would say, they sell the most amazing Japanese fresh water pearls.
  • Watches – If you say Switzerland is popular for watches, then I could proclaim Dubai as the second ideal destination for watches. Also, top brands including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer are the best labels to watch out for.
  • Dates – With National host for Palm Spring Island and tremendous amount of cultivation of palm trees, there is no deficiency for dates in this city. The best, well-grown, matured, ripen and juicy dates are available all around the year to grab for an ultimate buy.
  • Branded Clothes and Bags – You can effortlessly do one-stop-shop to buy global branded clothes from the entire world all in here with the best available offers. Plus point, if you make a visit during Dubai Shopping Festival, which is held annually, you could get even more good bargains. Moreover, they also sell top-branded designer bags including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc
  • Nuts – If you are a less-carb and protein-pro person just like me, then, here is the solution for it. You could get the best nuts from around the world including almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashews in jumbo sizes which can be grabbed easily from the traders from the duty-free shops.
  • Beauty Products – Trendy top brands including YSL, Loreal, MAC, etc – “You call it, they sell it.” Also, they have a wide range of beauty products including eyewear, face make-up, lipstick, nail lacquers and many more to satisfy each and every customer needs.
  • Perfumes – To be honest, I would say, they have the ultra-chic, travel-size gift sets with incredibly tiny, miniature bottles and design features which are lovely to see and the whole area smells unbelievably good.

So, what to wait for? I am certain that next time, you would definitely make a visit to the Dubai duty-free counters.


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