Spring Flower Inspired Glittering Necklace.

Spring means flowers and I totally adore these in-season inspired, flower-patterned, glittering blue necklace. As always, blue colour brings freshness, brightness, coolness, modernness and flattering effect to the whole scenario and it does the same in this necklace.


Moreover, the blue colour on the necklace reminds me of the nature’s beauty of bluebells, Penhaligon’s bluebell eau de toilette, breezy blue beach huts, bright blue stripes on the Breton top, dark indigo denim jeans, blue-tiled Jardin Majorelle (Marrakesh,Morocco), blue flower beddings in the garden and the gorgeous upholstered soft blue sofas in the living room. Oh my! Absolutely amazing!


Plus, these sapphire-stone-inspired blue oval gems are hand-crafted to perfection to give the most electrifying, dazzling and glittering effect to the necklace saying – “look at me!”. Also, the blue coloured chords have been used brilliantly to showcase the beautiful flower pattern and brings a unique look to the necklace.

Keep enjoying!!!


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