Celebrate this Easter in full swing.

Easter extravaganza is around the corner and we all know, this Sunday, millions of people all around the world will be celebrating Easter in so many different ways. Yet, in my place, when I hear about Easter, the first thing comes to my mind is, spending quality time with my family and enjoy myself to the most.

Easter Dining:

This year, even though it is an early Easter, the celebrations are going on in full mode and I’m certain that the entire event will turn out as special as ever. For instance, the Easter extravaganza are already in full swing and the whole checklists are also done in advance.The lists: festive decorations, well-organised dining table, hand-painted Easter eggs of various sizes and colours, hand-written place cards, “ready-to-be-painted” eggs for small kids, beautiful-looking gold-lined china, gold-plated cutleries, fine rib-patterned glasses, plain white cups, flower-shaped tea-lights and elegantly decorated flowers – all checked. To be honest, I couldn’t hold myself and take off my drooling eyes away from the whole setup because it is such a delight to watch. Plus, now, the only thing I pray for, is to have a nice sunny daylight to lift up the whole thing to next level.

Easter Fun:

For a stunning, non-clumpsy party time, I pre-arranged the all-in-one fun package which includes decorating Easter baskets, distribution of Easter eggs and novelties to friends and family and the last but not least, my childhood-favourite Easter egg-hunt. Now, I am waiting for the perfect time to make it happen.


Celebration Time:

As like as every year, Yorkshire’s fame Betty’s are holding so many inspiring and creative ideas for this Easter and luckily, I pre-ordered my Easter eggs well before to make myself on the safe side so that I can stock up my kitchen wardrobe fuss-free. Truly speaking, their exceptional passion for craft and gorgeously presented Easter eggs are going to be a total winner for this Easter. All-in-all, I hope you all have a perfect family festive time just like me and have loads of fun this Easter.


Happy Easter to all!!!


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