Recollection of March’s favourite: Spring is in the air.

March – Start of Spring, season of blossoms, enthralling beauty of nature, beginning of greens, sweetness of breeze – finally arrived and I loved each and every part of it. So, what to look for this season? That’s the first question hits in everyone’s mind when the real invitation from the cool Spring arrives. The answer is, off course, Party time! Yeah! So many special occasions happened in March and the whole festivity was incredible and the best part was, the wonderful time spent with family.


International Woman’s Day (March 8 ’15):

On international woman’s day, the entire dining was transformed to captivating party scene – tables covered with white linen, juice served in tall translucent glasses, coffees presented in pure white gold-lined cups, canapés and daily little cupcakes distributed in silver trays and in the end – food served in white china plates with plentiful of cutleries. Once the guests took their seats, there was small talk with laughter between ladies and gentlemen and all of them enjoyed their food with great excitement.


Mother’s day March 15 ’15):

Nothing is more than children for a mother!

So many holidays comes and go yet, mother’s day is one of those special days where you make time out to express true love to your mother and make her feel how special she is. And, this year turned out very welcoming and completely homely. How can I forget those remarkable moments? Lovely fresh scented rose bouquet, gift of personalised charm necklace, mouth-watering Swiss chocolates, finger-licking food and last but not least, Yorkshire fame Betty’s celebration cake – the entire scenario was outstandingly memorable. Of all, nothing can surpass a warm hug from mother. Happy Mother’s day!!!


Hope you had the best moments of your life in March.

Keep rocking!!!


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