Elegant Mother’s Day gift.

Make your mum feel special and bring a smile on her face on this Mother’s Day, Sunday, the 15th of March, 2015. There are thousands of options available to choose gifts from the high street retailers on this special day and so, why not buy an elegant, smart and luxury gift i.e., ever-loving “Fresh Water Pearls” as a present to give a sensational surprise as a mere indulgence to show your inner love.


Venizi is one of the most popular market leaders and manufacturers of costume jewellery in Europe and they have more than 50 stores across Europe. This company uses nickel-free plating metal and therefore, it is anti-allergic and long-lasting to use. This signature-style statement necklace is made out of ginormous pearls and these pearls make a stunning white glow when sunlight hits on it. Also, the clasp of this necklace is designed in a yellow metal coated pearl to give a further more sophistication and extraordinary look to this necklace. This is perfect for occasional wear and it is a brilliant idea to express your true love.




Masaaki Pearls: This is one of the best buy from my recent visit to Dubai. The word Masaaki is derived from the Japanese language which means “correct brightness” and this Masaaki pearl collection features exquisite natural and cultured pearls in 18k yellow gold settings. This all-time favourite pearl necklace/choker has been crafted to each minute detail using intricate designs and the centre piece of star with pearl and diamond gives you a perfect choice for an evening wear.


pearl5Make your mother feel proud and appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


10 ways to wear Dungarees.

Dungarees edit

Dungarees are a versatile super-hit staple and it’s a must-have spring/summer wardrobe essential and these most wearable and affordable 90’s style are still rocking. Also, this trendsetting and figure hugging super style is very popular among celebrities too, like, Alexa Chung, Pixie Lott, Dakota Johnson, Mollie King, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo, Diane Kruger, Fearne Cotton, Rihanna and many more.

dun edit

So, here are some of the best ten ways to wear this ever-popular childhood favourite:

Celebrity inspired look: Make dungarees as a notable look by pairing it up with a white high collared ruffle blouse and scuffed up converse.

Catwalk styled look: A dungarees worn under a trench coat and matching it up with a button up blouse is an awesome duo to show off your passion for fashion.

Street style dungarees: A classic Breton top with dungarees, a pair of white plimsoll and a tan-cross body bag gives an effortless chic appearance which will make head turners.

Dress up: Team up dungarees with a sleeveless silk blouse and couple it up with gold hoops and sky-high platform heels to give a genuine impression of your incredible and elegant fashion consciousness.

Statement look: Any kind of dungaree (black/white/blue) with a perfect fitting white T-shirt gives you an off-duty style and super-smart dressing sensation.

Friends hangout: A polo shirt along with dungarees makes you an ultra chic, cool going, snazzy and playful feel.

As bold as beautiful: Feel free to try a slim-fit knitwear with dungarees along with a pair of loafers to embrace yourself with the all-in-one ensemble look.

Tomboy chic: Don’t be shy to try a button up men’s shirt with dungarees to give an unbelievable tomboy look.

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Rock ‘n’ roll the resurrected 90’s trend set by pairing a tight white T-shirt with brown dungarees and black loafers to give an utterly groovy touch to it.

Glam Look: The dual combo of a silk top with dungarees along with trendy red lips and sleek killer heels gives you a centre of signature look.

Enjoy wearing dungarees on a nice sunny day!!!

You nailed it: French Manicure.


Let’s celebrate the Paris Fashion Week in style with the adorably stylish French Manicure. A big salute to the Hollywood  industry in 1970’s who made this French Manicure as a fame and letting this style to reach each and every corner of the world. Even today, all around the globe, women has a great admiration towards French Manicure and considers getting it done as posh, classy, snazzy, groovy and dashing. Also, still, the trend of French Manicure has never faded but instead it has grown, enriched, refined and upscaled to next level.

new nails 3There are so many ways to do French Manicure in a contemporary, chic, ultra-modern and elegant way. So, here, I have shown how to do French Manicure effortlessly yet still in a stylish way.


Things you need to do French Manicure:

Base coat

2 nail colours (I have chosen Essie’s naughty nautical and bikini so teeny)

Top coat



Preparation is the key feature to achieve a perfect French Manicure.


Step1: Remove the old nail colour using nail polish remover and always use the acetone-free nail polish removers.

Step2: File the nail gently to make a perfect shape and then, buff off the nail to create a smooth and even base to move on to the next step.

Tip: Take few drops of coconut oil on your fingers and massage your nails vigorously with that oil to give your cuticle nice moisturisation.

Step3: Apply the base coat and make this step as a mandatory procedure so that your nail colours stand-out and brings a cutting edge to your manicure.

Step4: After that, apply two coats of nicely pressed steady streaks of first nail colour (Essie’s naughty nautical) to give nice evenness throughout.

Step5: Then, double-check the nails whether they are completely dried before applying celloptape on your nails. Then, apply the cellotape in the right place so that you leave a gap at the top of the nail.

Step6: Now, apply the second nail colour (Essie’s bikini so teeny) and then, take off the cellotape slowly without any disturbance and then make your nails completely dry.

Step7: Finally, apply the topcoat and your perfect and polished French Manicure is ready to show off.


Now, you nailed it.


Cafe Culture – Slogan or Mantra in Paris


At the moment, Paris, The City of Light – is accumulated and gathered up with the lively, exciting and vibrant people like fashion designers, buyers, sellers, agency personnel, models, celebrities, bloggers and fashion lovers from all around the world to celebrate the Autumn/Winter 2015 show in Paris Fashion Week. Right now, the whole Paris is making a top-notch scenario from the spectacular street styles to the delightful trend sets. So, I think, this is the best time to feel – “Be like a Parisian”.

Cafe Culture

Paris is all about the food and it is a saying that the French are very proud about their cuisine and they strive for the best to make perfection in it. Parisians love drinking coffee and they drink a lot. For them, going to Cafe is a cultural phenomenon. Always, Parisians considered Cafe as an institution because it is a base place for them to catch up with friends or any business meets. In addition to that, people spend hours and hours in Cafe by relaxing on the table terraces either by reading books or writing some notes. Also, Parisians don’t think Cafe is a place to sip a cup of coffee but instead they make Cafe as a channel to watch people, glancing the street life, viewing the spectacular monuments, sightseeing the grand looking avenues and enjoying the patterned look of cobble stoned streets.

Start the day by a croissant

Croissants are the best and easily available breakfast snack in Paris and it’s undoubtedly, an absolute real triumph. It is the heart and soul of the breakfast pastries and it is accompanied with the freshly brewed coffee. The home-made flaky, softy and mouth-watering buttery pastries are freshly baked at each and every corner of the Patisseries and Bakeries. Indulging in a warm croissant with jam is a real pleasure and Parisians are the pioneers in attaining it.


Pain Au Chocolat 

Another rich version of croissant family is pain au chocolat. What an innovation! Just two sticks of chocolate covered with croissant dough which leads to the fulfilling satisfaction – Genius! Parisians are the true champions in making it.


Best Cafes in Paris

L’Avenue – This Cafe is literally a celebrity hotspot. It’s always densely populated with celebrities and this is a place where you go to see trendy people and be seen by the people in a great setting. It is situated in a posh neighbourhood and hence the food is a bit pricey. The famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rhianna, Lana Del Rey and many more come here to hangout with friends to enjoy the great atmosphere.


Cafe de Flore

This Cafe is one of the oldest and most prestigious coffee-houses in Paris. It is well positioned in the sought-after Saint-Germain neighbourhood in the 6th arrondissement area. This Cafe is repeatedly regarded as a tourist confined area and it is well crowded by the over flowing tourists from different parts of the world. The soft, silky and freshly made omelette and croque monsieur are the major highlights in this Cafe.

London Fashion Weekend – Sunday, 1st March 2015

London Fashion Weekend, Britain’s biggest Consumer Fashion Showcase went absolutely extraordinary at Somerset House, London. The whole event had exhibited so many designer showpiece like clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and jewellery. Furthermore, the catwalk shows, style advice and industry insider talks set a new high calibre which was like icing on the cake to the fashion loving spectators. Altogether, in words, I could say that the entire atmosphere was very vibrant and user-friendly.


The unique In-house boutique had a ginormous stock up of Spring/Summer 2015 trends of more than 160 brands to shop, including Amanda Wakeley, Cambridge Satchel Company, French Sole, Maison Martin Margiela, Markus Lupfer, Osman, Paper London, Pringle of Scotland and Rag&Bone. The highlight to these brands were: they made some special offers on the show so that buyers could buy at industry insider prices with massive bargain.

Somerset House

Somerset house was so magnificent and the historical building was situated just across the street with river Thames as side setting. The fantastic gallery displayed an array of fashion ensembles in each room and the marvellous spiral staircase led to different floors to explore more. The experience was totally breathtaking, spectacular and incredible on its own.


Designer Focus – Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley opened her first boutique in Chelsea, the heart of London in 1990. Her “clean glam” signature style dressing were inspired by many and her famous collections like glamorous evening and cocktail dresses and accessories have been worn by red carpet stars including Beyonce, Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet.


This inimitable clothing was from one of her Beach 2015 collections.

Mawi, one of the world’s foremost luxury accessory brand maker made a huge display of their collections. Each piece was so elegant, snazzy, stylish, stupendous and also, very colourful.


The Iconic British Eyewear, Finlay & Co. had a massive showroom of beautiful summer sunglasses which was trendy and well sophisticated. Also, they had cool handcrafted wooden sunglasses, a solid style staple.


Maybelline New York’s Rebel Avenue brought a new way of transition by bringing the catwalk to the sidewalk, translating this season’s trend into ready-to-wear looks. There were some inspirational ongoing beauty sessions and Q&A talks that included mini-makeovers with their team of make-up artists.


In the end, I would say, the fashion and beauty adventure was worth the visit and a great way to learn more.