A preview of Jewellery collection from Baselworld 2015.

Certainly, I admit that Baselworld 2015, the world’s largest watch and jewellery show is now officially over yet their ginormous display of jewellery collections are still alive in people’s memories as bright as a glittering gem.

The response from the event was incredibly overwhelming and there were thousands of brands on display with more than 4000 journalists with their freshly pressed reports and more than 100,000 visitors participated in the show with genuine gratification as being the part of the show.

This year, the watch and jewellery professionals and designers from around the world merged at this event to stock up their most valuable collections of diamonds, pearls, stones, beads, designer jewels and as well as the most sophisticated designer watches. And, ultimately this event created a tremendous platform to bring all the business dealers, merchandisers and know-how knowledge professionals all-in one base to spread out their contacts to reach international boundaries.

Here, let’s have a sneak peek of some of the world’s most talked about jewellery collections from this event:

Photos from: thejewelleryeditor.com

Alessio Boschi:

The most-popular Italian designer, former couture design finalist, Alessio Boschi showcased his signature-styled high-fashion jewellery in an ultimate elegant way. With magical powers in his hands, he made all of us to fall in love with emeralds and pearls in one of his exceptional collections at Baselworld 2015. In terms of excellence, brilliantly, he made use of Tahitian pearls, diamonds, green glittery emeralds and gold to highlight and uplift the whole set to enviable levels with an eye-catching craftsmanship of shape, cut and uniqueness.



Faberge necklace from the “Summer in Provence” high jewellery collection, set with emeralds, turquoise beads and diamonds along with their iconic Faberge egg idolised and embellished with floral motifs which can effortlessly takes you to travel through the hot, sunny summer days to indulge yourself in the beauty of South of France. Also, the high essence of summer can be easily identified in each and every detail including plentiful of colour and shape.



The perfect balance of sophistication and one-of-a-kind expertise were exquisitely showcased in each of their timeless classic designs of fine jewellery with sumptuous work-of-art technique all-around in it. Garrard celebrated their 280th anniversary at Baselworld 2015 with their brand new “Bow Collections” and their ruby bead and diamond bow motif high jewellery necklace show us their spectacular masterpiece reputation for distinguished craftsmanship.


So, let’s get glittering!!!


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