My Nail Polish Collections.

People say, “Fashion should be on your fingertips”. Oh my! When I talk about fingertips, I think about nails. manicure and pedicure are my passion for beauty and I always had immense obsession to it. Furthermore, I contemplate that adding nail lacquers to your nails makes a modern swift appeal and gives an instant lift to your look and on top of it, you could see the entire style has been stepped up in elegance to the next level. Besides all of these, invariably, I love shopping and in any circumstances, my googly eyes are always irrelevantly and inevitably crave to see the exotic nail colours on the shop aisles. In my opinion, nail enamels makes me feel like I totally revamped myself and being exuberant. Literally, I like playing around with different contrasting nails colours in my nail art themes and it gives me so much pleasure when I see the results at the end. Gorgeous!!!

Believe me or not, I think, I have more than 35 nail colours and you could imagine how much I am obsessed to it. So, I want to share some of my favourite nail enamels with you. Why to wait for?  Let’s get started…

Barry M:

These limited edition (2014) summer special Barry M nail paints are one of my favourite nail colours and my nails love these contrast combo of Royal pink and Bright yellow and I can’t wait to preoccupy these nail colours on my nails in this spring/summer. It’s been nearly a year of my purchase and even now, the quality of the nail colour is really free-flowing, not sticky, gel like texture and dries up quickly and hence, I adore these nail colours. No wonder, it’s so close to my heart.



These two nail colours are the latest arrivals to my nail art studio and to be honest, I am wholeheartedly indulged myself in it. The first colour, Essie’s Naughty Nautical, marine blue-green nail polish has a shimmery texture to it and so, when it is applied on to my nails, it gives a nice shimmery and glossy finish to the entire look. However, the other colour, Essie’s bikini so teeny, cornflower blue nail polish gives an attractive, snazzy and sparkly finish to my nails.


Pinks and corals:

Pinks and coral nail varnishes are crowned and appraised as the foremost summer staples as it gives a vibrant and exotic chic look to your nails. Either, you could effortlessly wear this for a stunning dinner party or as a super-cool cookie while bustling around the town on a hot sunny day as a shopping spree.



These goodies are from L’oreal and as you could say, “the name says everything”. It is brilliant that the quality, texture and luxury are all-in-one formula and that’s why, evidently, this brand has been adored and adorned by famous celebrities. Even, last week, Jennifer Lopez had these trendy and revelling bright pink shade on her nails in the show “American Idol” and for sure, these nail shades are going to rev up and rock all this summer.


Glow in the dark:

What can I say about these three little gems? These darlings are my heart-throbs. It is super-easy to be worn for evening parties or disco or any kind of special occasions and these colours magically pop-out like a twinkling shiny star. These awesome shades are embraced by all groups including school girls, university students and working women. Hence, certainly, I would advise to give it a go.



Usually, I pop onto Claire’s on and off to try some of their new shades there and I would say that they have the most affordable, reasonably priced and value-for-money nail collections in the whole market and especially, I love these purple shimmery nail shade from below, of which, I apply that as a topcoat to any base colour to give an uplifting purply, shiny and shimmery effect on my nails and in the final, it looks like decorative glossy gems shining on the jewels as an elegant surprise.


Hope you had a brilliant view of my favourite collections and I can’t wait to try all of these colours on my nails during the forthcoming, the best fashionable season, summer.

Happy manicure and pedicure to all my nail-lovers!!!


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