Elegant Mother’s Day gift.

Make your mum feel special and bring a smile on her face on this Mother’s Day, Sunday, the 15th of March, 2015. There are thousands of options available to choose gifts from the high street retailers on this special day and so, why not buy an elegant, smart and luxury gift i.e., ever-loving “Fresh Water Pearls” as a present to give a sensational surprise as a mere indulgence to show your inner love.


Venizi is one of the most popular market leaders and manufacturers of costume jewellery in Europe and they have more than 50 stores across Europe. This company uses nickel-free plating metal and therefore, it is anti-allergic and long-lasting to use. This signature-style statement necklace is made out of ginormous pearls and these pearls make a stunning white glow when sunlight hits on it. Also, the clasp of this necklace is designed in a yellow metal coated pearl to give a further more sophistication and extraordinary look to this necklace. This is perfect for occasional wear and it is a brilliant idea to express your true love.




Masaaki Pearls: This is one of the best buy from my recent visit to Dubai. The word Masaaki is derived from the Japanese language which means “correct brightness” and this Masaaki pearl collection features exquisite natural and cultured pearls in 18k yellow gold settings. This all-time favourite pearl necklace/choker has been crafted to each minute detail using intricate designs and the centre piece of star with pearl and diamond gives you a perfect choice for an evening wear.


pearl5Make your mother feel proud and appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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