You nailed it: French Manicure.


Let’s celebrate the Paris Fashion Week in style with the adorably stylish French Manicure. A big salute to the Hollywood  industry in 1970’s who made this French Manicure as a fame and letting this style to reach each and every corner of the world. Even today, all around the globe, women has a great admiration towards French Manicure and considers getting it done as posh, classy, snazzy, groovy and dashing. Also, still, the trend of French Manicure has never faded but instead it has grown, enriched, refined and upscaled to next level.

new nails 3There are so many ways to do French Manicure in a contemporary, chic, ultra-modern and elegant way. So, here, I have shown how to do French Manicure effortlessly yet still in a stylish way.


Things you need to do French Manicure:

Base coat

2 nail colours (I have chosen Essie’s naughty nautical and bikini so teeny)

Top coat



Preparation is the key feature to achieve a perfect French Manicure.


Step1: Remove the old nail colour using nail polish remover and always use the acetone-free nail polish removers.

Step2: File the nail gently to make a perfect shape and then, buff off the nail to create a smooth and even base to move on to the next step.

Tip: Take few drops of coconut oil on your fingers and massage your nails vigorously with that oil to give your cuticle nice moisturisation.

Step3: Apply the base coat and make this step as a mandatory procedure so that your nail colours stand-out and brings a cutting edge to your manicure.

Step4: After that, apply two coats of nicely pressed steady streaks of first nail colour (Essie’s naughty nautical) to give nice evenness throughout.

Step5: Then, double-check the nails whether they are completely dried before applying celloptape on your nails. Then, apply the cellotape in the right place so that you leave a gap at the top of the nail.

Step6: Now, apply the second nail colour (Essie’s bikini so teeny) and then, take off the cellotape slowly without any disturbance and then make your nails completely dry.

Step7: Finally, apply the topcoat and your perfect and polished French Manicure is ready to show off.


Now, you nailed it.



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