Favourite Bronzer

  Favourite Bronzer

Look at the packaging! The chocolatey colour, the glorious illumination, the tender creaminess and the glow on the box – oh my word! Gorgeous! Also, it impressed me in lots of ways to repurchase this product again and again and, whenever I see it, I always remember a small chocolate box and it also smells like a chocolate heaven. You should feel it and smell it!


Basically, the inside of the package is divided into two portions. On the left side, it says about how to apply and use this product and on the right side, it looks like the bronzer and highlighter parts are arranged as 4 chocolate rectangles. Now let’s see how it works…


The best part of this bronzer is, there is no need to use any other blusher as such because it gives a nice shimmery and sheen finish for a day-to-day wear basis. Now, with a brush, take the bronzer powder and sweep the powder in circular motion around the cheeks, temple area and the bottom edges of your face to give a sculpt effect to your face.



With the brush, take the highlighter powder and apply it to your cheekbones nicely so that when the natural light hits on it, it gives an amazing intensity and illumination feature. Also, I prefer to dab the highlighter powder on the bridge of my nose and chin of my face for an exquisite glow effect.

This duo combo is an all-time hit for me and I hope the same from you too.

So, let’s get glowing!!!


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