DIY Trendsets

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

I love crochet making and I am always quite obsessed with it. Previously, I used to make scarf, coasters, pouch, purse and so on. But, this time, I made up my mind to do something different from what I used to do before. Lots of things were swirling around my imagination but in the end, I would like to focus on the eye grabbing DIY first and so I thought of making a necklace and some kind of hair accessory which you could personalise yourself or give it as a gift to your beloved ones. So, let’s bring the art of making crocheting alive….

Crocheted Chocker Necklace:


Things that you need:

  • Yarn as desired
  • Crochet Needle
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pearls

Method to make:

  1. Firstly, using crochet needle and yarn, make a slip knot and carry on with the foundation chain stitch until it becomes to 15cm long.
  2. Then, make three layers of single crochet on top of that.
  3. After that, make two 15 chain stitches and connect each one of those stitches to either side of the necklace.
  4. Finally, using sewing needle, sew the pearls in the middle of the necklace by spacing equally and sewing between them.
  5. Now, the Crocheted Choker Necklace is ready to be worn.
  6. You would be looking absolutely stunning and elegant when you wear it on weekends or evening party or any other kind of special occasions that suits.

Try the same in another way:

  1. instead of yarn wool, you could use firm string for crocheting.
  2. You could also try beads instead of pearls.
  3. Also, you could make glued stones as an alternate to pearls as well.

Hair Accessory: 

hair acess 1

hair acess 2

Things that you need:

  • 6 different coloured embroidery threads
  • Bobby pin
  1. Take six different coloured embroidery threads which is all one meter long (You could also adjust the threads according to your hair length).
  2. Fold it by half and make a knot around the edge so that you could make a loop.
  3. Insert the bobby pin through the loop and secure it tightly.
  4. Then, slide the bobby pin to a firm place so that it is easy for you to make a plait nicely.
  5. Now, divide the threads equally into 3 parts and make a plait exactly like you do it on your hair.
  6. Then, make a knot at the end and it is all set to be used.
  7. You could use this hair accessory  either on its own by sliding it on your hair or you could use along with the plait to give your plait an unique dimension and a totally different look.

Try the same in another way:

  1. You could change the colour of the embroidery threads to your choice.
  2. You could replace embroidery threads to wool.
  3. Also, you could achieve the same pattern using thick strings.

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