Beauty Regime

Lovely Moist Lips

Who would not like healthy and silky moist lip? Make it as a bedtime routine to apply lip balm just before going to bed. This will keep your lips moist during the harsh winter months. Now, let’s see how to get a plumpy lip look? Firstly, try to outline and then, fill up the lip with the lip liner which will give a more definition to the lip rather than just applying lipstick onto the lips. Then, to brighten up, try a bit of lipgloss or lipstick on top of it to give a nice glossy look.

Silky Hair

Coconut oil absolutely makes wonders to your hair and as for as I know, it is one of the easily available and value for money product that contains all the natural composition and goodness from the Nature. It serves your hair in lots of ways. For example, soak up your hair with a dab of coconut oil for half an hour before shower. Then, you could visibly see the natural conditioning from the oil leaves your hair astonishingly silky, shiny and smooth.


Nothing is better than a perfectly trimmed and well groomed eyebrows which will make head turners. Once the eyebrows are done either by threading or waxing, check at the end of the week for any extra hairs which you could eventually tweeze them through with the help of a tweezer and it is also easy to maintain. To make tweezing more comfortable, why not try tweezing after the shower since this is the time your skin is tender soft and makes you to tweeze effortlessly.

Graphic Vs Cat-Eye 

There are various flicks and tricks you could achieve a perfect Cat-Eye or Graphic eye lining. Getting perfect flick is an art and it comes by practice. Always, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Cat-Eye is an evergreen popular trend that is on the market which was adorned by famous celebrities all these years. Now, the new and the future trend is going to be Graphic Eye lining which was sweeping magical powers through the Spring/Summer Red Carpet 2015.

So, Wishing You all have a wonderful 2015.


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